‘All American’ season 3 gets renewed on CW, but Netflix streaming is uncertain

The All American true to life inspired series is officially confirmed to return for season 3 on CW. However, fans are now asking if the third season will also be available on Netflix.

Currently, All American season 2 is streaming on Netflix United States with 16 episodes. The season premiered on CW in October and ended in March 2020. Netflix aired the second season on March 17, 2020.

The All American drama series follows the story of the NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer James. James is a rising high school football star from Crenshaw to Beverly High and recruited to play for Beverly Hills High School.

What is the release date of All American season 3?

CW TV network has not yet confirmed the release date of All American because of the shutdown caused by coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, there is no confirmation on when will the series’ production takes place. Although fans are following the previous release pattern, that may not be the case for season 3.

Most of the incoming and renewed TV series and movies are temporarily suspended, and All American season 3 is hit just as hard. CW made plans to make up for the lost time during the COVID-19 lockdown. As a result, the network will push towards January 2021 as the earliest release date.

Will All American season 3 arrive on Netflix?

If CW will be able to air All American season 3 in January 2021, the show is expected to wrap up around May or June 2021. The series will arrive on Netflix eight days after it wrapped up. Fans can anticipate the series by June or the middle of summer.

Will All American season 3 be available on other Netflix-country subscribers?

Unfortunately, All American season 3 is not available outside the US. The series remains unsold to other non-US subscribers.  Furthermore, there is no official statement on whether Netflix will air the series on other regions as well.

What is the plot for All American season 3?

The season 2 finale revealed Spencer’s return to Crenshaw High for his senior year. At the same time, Coach Baker quit his position in Beverly High School as the head coach. All American season 3 may definitely reunite Coach Baker and Spencer. However, Spencer’s shoulder injury will become a big challenge for him to get back on the game.

Meanwhile, the tension between the Crenshaw High and Beverly High school will become bigger. All American season 3 may feature bigger fights between the two schools. The plot may also lead Spencer and Olivia to either strengthen their friendship or fall into romance.

Season 2 revealed Olivia falling hard on her alcohol addiction. Spencer stopped her from drinking vodka. All American season 3 might keep fighting against her addiction with the help of Spencer.

All American season 3 cast

The main cast will be returning to reprise their roles. Spencer (Daniel Ezra), Coach Baker (Taye Diggs), Jordan (Michael Evans Behling), Olivia (Samantha Logan), Asher (Cody Christian) and Layla (Greta Onieogou) will all return.

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