All changes in the recent ‘Overwatch’ update

Assault maps getting major changed in 'Overwatch'

Blizzard recently launched an Overwatch update for the game’s console and PC versions. Players should be well aware of the changes in the update as these can heavily affect their games profoundly the next time they play.

The Overwatch update brings in changes for the game’s competitive season above all else. However, these changes will be available once the Overwatch competitive season 23 arrives on July 23. Here are the essential changes in the update.

Competitive Changes

A chunk of the update is dedicated to changing a few things for the next competitive season of the game.

When players finish their placement matches in the game, the highest starting skill rating (SR) they can get is now capped at 3,900. This will put players in the top ranks of the Masters’s competitive tier once the season starts.

Before the update, players were given a maximum of 4,000 SR at the start of the season. This prevents players from achieving a high SR rating after completing their five placement matches.

When the next season arrives, players will also see that Competitive Open Queue aside the regular Role Queue in the game. Competitive Open Queue means players don’t have to queue for any of the roles. While wait times between matches may be shorter, this queue will allow players to become more versatile in-game as they can use any hero they want.

Hero Changes

The recent Overwatch update will bring some hero changes as well. Brigitte players might find the update disappointing as she got a big nerf in the update. The patch note says, “Repair Pack no longer grants an additional armor health pool when healing full health targets.”

“Barrier Shield maximum health increased from 200 to 250. Regeneration rate decreased from 100 to 85 health per second. Cooldown when destroyed increased from three to five seconds,” as for her second nerf.

Players can expect to see fewer Brigittes during matches as the nerfs are significant. The other changes tested in the Experimental Card from before are also implemented. This means D.Va and Junkrat got a buff while Ashe also got a nerf.

The Overwatch update is now live, so players should download it as soon as they can. The game’s current competitive season will end today, and the next competitive season will unlock the following day. Players should grind their SRs as soon as possible as the season is coming to a close.

Images used courtesy of Overwatch

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