All digital events that gamers can watch instead of E3 2020

E3 2020’s cancellation has left countless gamers dismayed as the platform would’ve served as a great way to introduce the next generation of gaming. The good thing is that developers are looking for better alternatives instead.

Certain developers are announcing their own digital events to make up for the lack of E3 2020 this year. Gamers now have a lot of digital events to look forward to within the coming months, and here the details on what those events are.

Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft was one of the recent developers who announced a digital showcase to present to gamers. This event will be called Ubisoft Forward, and it will premier on July 12. At the said event, the developer is most likely going to reveal more details on upcoming titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watchdogs Legion, and Gods and Monsters. We’ve yet to see how long the event will be, but Ubisoft has teased that there will be some big news at the event.

EA Play Live

EA was one of the first developers to announce a digital event replacement for E3. It will showcase EA Play Live on June 11. Players are expecting a lot from the event, including new about the next Battlefield, possibly some new Star Wars game to follow up Jedi Fallen Order, and of course, some new sports titles as well.

During last year’s E3, the developer also announced new content for Apex Legends. Now that E3 2020 is canceled, EA Play Live might be the ground for some big gaming news instead.

Nintendo Direct

At every E3, Nintendo hosts what it calls a Treehouse Live through which it showcases new titles and more news. Fans expected that a June Nintendo Direct would be coming, but Nintendo has to postpone the anticipated event due to Covid-19 complications.

It’s June Nintendo Directs are usually the biggest, so it’s surprising that there Nintendo is backing out of what fans have been used to for years.

Square Enix

Developer Square Enix plans on releasing small Nintendo Direct-like digital showcases throughout the year, but it’s yet to announce when those will begin to drop. If this is indeed the case, then gamers can expect some RPG announcements soon. Many are speculating that the reveals will begin dropping as early as next month.

Gamers should expect more developers to begin announcing digital events to replace E3 2020 within the coming weeks. Developers are sure to take advantage of the situation to generate some much-needed hype for their titles.


Image used courtesy of  Malgorzata Surawska/Shutterstock 

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