All new content in ‘Fallout 76: Wastelanders’

All New Content In Fallout 76 Wastelanders

Since launching in 2018, Bethesda’s Fallout 76 has been criticized by fans and gaming journalists alike. Now that a new and free content update is out, should players have renewed confidence in the game?

The Wastelanders update is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Players will have to use up 54 to 70GB of storage space depending on their platform. The update is shedding new hope on the game as there are many inclusions in it. Just what exactly are the new content in the recent update?

How to access the new content

Before we dive deeper into the new content, let’s first discuss how players can access the entirety of Wastelanders.

Players should first initiate the Wayward story quest, which is accessible near Vault 76. This quest is a full level 20 questline that starts at Sutton. This quest will also introduce factions, which has been a major part of previous Fallout games.

The two factions

Wastelanders introduces two factions to the game, the Settlers and the Raiders. Players will have to choose which side they are on, and both factions offer unique rewards for the players.

As per Bethesda, the Raiders are “survivors that fled Appalachia, who has now returned to reclaim land they believe is rightfully theirs. They’ve built a base of operations, called Crater, at the Crashed Space Station.” While hostile at first, the Raiders become friendlier once players complete quests for them.

On the other hand, the Settlers are construction workers who fled to Appalachia and have built a base using spare materials they have. They are a friendlier bunch as compared to the Raiders.

Along with these factions are many NPCs and recruitable companions, which adds more life to Fallout 76.

Branching dialogue options

The much-awaited dialogue options are returning to Fallout 76. This feature was available in Fallout 3 and truly allowed players to create a story of their own through their conversations with NPCs. In Fallout 76, these dialogue options will be used to push the story forward as well.

Other additions

Aside from those major additions, there’s a slew of other content available in the Wastelanders update. Players will have more to do each day now that there are new events and daily challenges added to the game. Furthermore, they may want to explore Appalachia again as there are new and updated locations to check out.

There will be new items to collect throughout the game. As for enemies, players can now come across new units such as Floaters, Wendigo Colossus, and Blood Eagles.

With this update, Fallout 76 has become significantly meatier. Only time will tell whether or not players find this update as the definitive wasteland experience.


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