All new levels in ‘Fall Guys’ Season 2

Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys is on its second season, and this time around, things are getting medieval. Fall Guys Season 2 introduces a ton of new features, but we all know what fans are looking forward to the most in the battle royale.

Fall Guys Season 2 is now live. The medieval-themed season has more than just amazing new skins, features, and rewards. To keep the experience fresh, the developers have also added four new stages that are centered on the theme. Here’s what those four stages are.

Knight Fever

This new mode is what Devolver Digital believes is its hardest level yet. It’s a race type-level wherein players will have to get to the end before a set of other players do. Along the way, players will have to avoid various obstacles such as swinging axes, rolling logs with spikes, and a ton of gaps on the floor.

As usual, players will also have to defend themselves against other players who are trying to push them off the map.

Wall Guys

Wall Guys is also a race type level. Basically, players will have to get over tall walls as if they were infiltrating a castle. To do so, they’ll have to push and pull huge blocks around the map which they can use as a means to climb the walls. While players can work together on this map, they can sabotage each other as well by pulling on the blocks whenever someone else uses it.

Egg Siege

Egg Siege is a variant of Egg Scramble for Fall Guys Season 2. Other than the usual goal of getting more eggs for their team, players will also have to worry about obstacles on the map. There will be some moving drawbridge as players try to scramble for points.

Hoopsie Legends

For the first time, there’s a solo hoopsie level. Players will have to score more points over other players by jumping through hoops that randomly appear in inset areas. To make things more challenging, there will be some moving blocks on the map. Players can use these blocks to their advantage. It can sabotage their plans as well.

Fall Guys Season 2 is now out. The game is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Beyond these new stages, there are a ton of other features to get into, including a skin randomizer, stage selector, new customization options, and much more.

Image used courtesy of DevolverDigital/YouTube

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