All-new ‘Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad’ mobile game features Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher

All-new 'Tom Clancy's Elite Squad' mobile game features Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher

The Ubisoft Forward virtual event revealed a very interesting mobile game titled Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, which featured Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell. 

The gaming giants are on a trend lately, with the expansion to the mobile platform. Ubisoft just introduced its mobile game entry with Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad during the Ubisoft Forward.

An alternative to a Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell successor

During the July 12 event, GameRant noted that Splinter Cell was trending on Twitter. It wasn’t due to the fact that the Ubisoft finally gave in and introduced a successor to its hit stealth video game title—as it never actually happened, sad to say.

Many of the tweets are about fans expecting less on Ubisoft, actually announcing a new Splinter Cell game. However, what the makers did instead, is bring the Splinter Cell‘s protagonist, Sam Fisher, to a new Tom Clancy title.

As one tweet reads that Ubisoft will do “anything splinter cell but a new splinter cell game.”

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell was first released in 2002, which featured Sam Fisher. In the game, players will play the role of Fisher, who is a “highly trained secret operative of the NSA’s secret arm”—the Third Echelon.

Players will have to fight through cyber terrorism and prevent international tensions that are set to spark World War 3.

The last title update this franchise received dates back in 2013 with Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. After that, fans have since been asking Ubisoft to release the next Splinter Cell installment.

Instead, the fans witnessed the debut of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad for mobile devices. But, the media outlet emphasized that all hopes are not lost as Skate 4 was “commented” back into existence, and so, a similar fate might still be plausible.

What is Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad all about?

The absence of a new Splinter Cell title is not all bad, with Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad looking like a great game that can compete against the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobileand even Fortnite Mobile

Eurogamer noted that the graphic style is somewhat comparable to Fortnite

The good news is, Elite Squad will be a free-to-play title. Like the other Tom Clancy titles, the mobile game will center around a military RPG gameplay. Aside from Sam Fisher, there are other noted characters from The Division, Rainbow Six, and Ghost Recon. 

Surprisingly, the Ghost Recon character crossing over is the bad guy from Ghost Recon Wildlands, El Sueño. Viewers saw Fisher and the rest of the team fight those who held El Sueño.

One of the operatives handed El Sueño a weapon, and then came an explosion from afar. Sam Fisher then told El Sueño, “Don’t make me regret this,” meaning they are allies in this Tom Clancy mobile realm.

The game is set in a five versus five battle. There’s a campaign mode and a competitive multiplayer as well. There will be a player versus player and a guild versus guild battle, per its official website.

The release date is on August 27, both for the iOS App Store and Google Play. Players can now pre-register and get the chance to grab Rainbow Six Siege‘s Montagne’s pistol.


Featured image courtesy of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad/Twitter

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