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All other changes in the recent ‘Overwatch’ Anniversary update


The Overwatch Anniversary Event is now live, and it started with an update that launched yesterday. Aside from all the great skins to collect, the update also came with a few changes that players might have been too busy to notice.

Players might not have noticed because of all the new things in the game, but there are some significant changes to Overwatch. More particularly, the communications wheel has been revamped. Here are some of the changes that players should’ve noticed by now.

New and improved communications wheel

Blizzard promised last month that the communications wheel in the game will be changed significantly. The developer has delivered on that promise, so now, players can communicate effectively even if they don’t have mics on.

Players can now customize their controls with up to 26 new voice lines. Unlike regular voice lines, the new ones are more useful and can be used to give commands to allies. Some of the voice lines include fall back, press the attack, defend the point, and more.

With this, it will be easier for players to issue commands to their teammates through the communications wheel. This has been a long issue in Overwatch and it’s good that Blizzard has finally addressed it.

Reset ball option

Every player of the game has tried to shoot the ball at the spawn point in some of the maps. These maps include Illios, Llijang Tower, and Nepal. The problem is that if players miss their shot on the first try, it will be harder to get the ball through the hoop the second time around.

With the update, players can now reset the ball simply by heading to a control panel and pressing their interact button.

Other changes

The update also comes with a few new changes to Play of the Game. As per the patch notes, the update “retuned a number of scoring factors to emphasize more active participation in fights.” This basically means that players will begin to see better plays from now on.

Aside from these changes, the update also made some balancing changes for heroes like Ana, Bastion, D.Va, and more.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event is now live and it will run until June 9. The Carbon Fiber Sigma skin is also available that the weekly challenges so players should begin racking up nine wins so that they can get this skin. Carbon Fiber Sigma can’t be bought in the store and it can’t be acquired through loot boxes as well.

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