All details on the new ‘Call of Duty’ update coming this week

A new week means a new Call of Duty update is coming. Players can expect a lot of changes, including new playlists and weapon blueprints.

This week’s Call of Duty update will drop in a few days. Earlier updates have made the games more interesting, and it will be exciting to see the additional tweaks to be added this week.

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is reportedly receiving a series of changes in the next patch, such as an adjustment in the multiplayer moshpits. Gun Game will receive a selection of Gunfight maps and two additional modes – Drop Zone and Deathmatch Domination.

In addition, Shipment and Shoot House will also receive their own 24/7 moshpits, which allows mixing matching of various modes.mThe update will also add a Tracer Pack: Purple bundle on the in-game store. Upon purchase of the bundle, players will receive a Legendary SMG and AR, vehicle skin, sticker, charms, calling cards, and emblem.

Furthermore, Raines will receive a buyable Lumbertactical bundle that contains an operator skin, a shotgun blueprint, Legendary SMG, and Hatchet melee weapon. In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, the developers will be launching two time-limited items – the Call of Duty Fearless Shirt and Fearless Pack.

The Fearless Pack contains assorted items for Warzone and Modern Warfare. The pack contains an operator skin, calling card, emblems, weapon blueprints, and more. Meanwhile, the real-life t-shirt will feature the game’s logo, which can be bought for $32 (48 AUD). The sales from the t-shirts will proceed directly to the Endowment.


Infinity Ward will be making some hefty changes to Warzone. The adjustments include new game modes like Reinfected Ground War, Plunder Quads, and Battle Royale Trios Classic.

The developers also confirmed that they would be implementing double EXP and double weapon EXP on both Warzone and Modern Warfare. The double EXP event will start on Friday, May 29, 2020, until June 1, 2020.


New content will also be coming to Call of Duty’s mobile version. The Capture the Gold event might have come to an end, but the Once Upon A Time in Rust event is still running.

The new maps added this season are also still playable in the Multiplayer lobby under the Featured section.

Before the new Call of Duty update comes, players must make sure they get all of the current season’s new weapons. Three new weapons, namely Cordite, Locus, and Pharo, can still be redeemed after completing certain challenges in the game.

Featured image courtesy of GameSpot/Youtube Screenshot

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