All the infected in ‘The Last of Us 2’

Based on what we’ve seen so far, The Last of Us 2 will pit Ellie against dangerous human foes like those from the WLF and the Seraphytes. However, players shouldn’t forget that the monsters created by the Cordyceps virus still exists.

Naughty Dog is yet to highly the zombies in The Last of Us 2but the trailers suggest that they are still pretty much present in the next game. Ellie will have to face these threats head-on once again. Players should be prepared for the infected, so we’re listing down all of the confirmed zombie types that are available in the game.


Runners are the earliest stage of the infection. They still have human physical appearances, and they aren’t generally a threat on their own. However, runners can gang up on a player quickly, and this is what makes them most dangerous.


Stalkers have the same tenacity of runners. True to their name, stalkers will hide and stalk the player once it spots them. Stalkers are characterized by the small amount of fungal growth that begins on their face, which is the offset to them becoming a Clicker eventually.


Clickers are by far the most popular and most dangerous of the infected. They are late-stage infections that render the person blind. However, they can still locate the players through sound, so going around them stealthily is the best option. They can be taken down instantly with a shiv, but if players are gunning for headshots, it takes two to take one down.

One Clickers get a hold of Ellie, she will die instantly. However, with the right upgrades, she can break free from one easily.


Shamblers are a new infected type to join The Last of Us 2. They are like Bloaters, but instead of throwing spore bombs, they are capable of spraying an acid-like substance. Moreover, they release this acid before dying, so players should stay away once one begins to fall.


When the infected lives long enough, it becomes a Bloater. When Bloaters first appeared in The Last of Us, players had no choice but to face off against it. Due to the stage of their infection, Bloaters have a solid armor protecting them, meaning it will take several shots to take one down.

They can also kill the players in one go. Aside from that, they can also throw spore bombs that damage the players.

During the recent State of Play for The Last of Us 2, the developers reveal that there’s a sixth stage in the infection that’s yet to be revealed. They tease that it will be far scarier than what players have already seen.


Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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