All the sea creatures coming to ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ in September

Animal Crossing: New Horizons aquarium display

The month of September sees the leaving of some of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ aquatic animals, albeit temporarily. As these deep-sea critters leave, new ones are coming to fill the gap they are leaving behind.

However, it is worth noting that not all islands get the same thing. As the game is split between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, any landmass in each region gets a unique set of marine animals. That is, with the exception of a few that will appear on any island for September, regardless of the location on the map.

Here are the new sea creatures that are making their way into the game.

Southern Hemisphere

Any player whose island is perched in the southern hemisphere could expect the entry of five new underwater creatures.

  • Turban Shell

A shell which resembles a turban, the Turban Shell is a deep-sea creature that requires diving to get. This unique marine animal is not rare, however, making it commonplace in every island. It sells for a decent sum of 1000 bells apiece.

  • Chambered Nautilus

Often beloved for its beautiful exterior, the Chambered Nautilus is a natural wonder that has a special place in the museum. Unlike other cephalopods, however, this particular marine animal has 90 tentacles. Despite its prized beauty this critter only sells for 1440 bells if sold.

  • Umbrella Octopus

Those who are thinking of profiting by exploiting the bounties of the sea look forward to the Umbrella Octopus. While its selling price of 6000 bells may not be the fastest means to earn money in the game, it’s decent. Also, Blathers himself considers this cephalopod as the prettiest animal of the sea.

  • Firefly Squid

Many deep-sea creatures can emit light despite the darkness of the deep. Of those animals, the Firefly Squid makes for a notable inclusion. It sells for a slightly lower price than the Chambered Nautilus at 1400 bells.

  • Spider Crab

Technically a crab but somewhat has the impression of a spider; the Spider Crab is Animal Crossing’s largest crab. Although sought after for its looks, this seawater being is also a gem for its price. It sells for 12000 bells individually.

Northern Hemisphere

  • Oyster

Yet another benthic critter to join a list of underwater creatures, the oyster is typically found in rocks that play as reefs to other sea beings. As a sellable item, the oyster fetches a slightly higher value than a Turban Shell at 1100 bells.

  • Sweet Shrimp

Regarded as the transgender of the sea, Sweet Shrimps go through evolution that has them transitioning to female as male. Like Firefly Squid, it also has a monetary value of 1400 bells.

  • Chambered Nautilus, Turban Shell, Umbrella Octopus

The same aquatic beings appear in the Southern Hemisphere.

Image used courtesy of MonkeyKingHero/YouTube Screenshot

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