Ally: Empowering businesses and delivery drivers


With third-party marketplaces like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, or GrubHub, businesses these days give up commissions as high as 35% of the total order value while delivery drivers lose around 42% of the delivery fee.

Ally wants to change this situation and eliminate these “disadvantages” with its cutting-edge software tools designed to empower both businesses and drivers to run their own operations, improve customer relations and grow their businesses.

It’s just like what the company always says, “Where Microsoft’s Office software helps you run a better office; Ally’s service software helps you run a better business.”

How Ally works

When a company partners with Ally, they get access to a delivery network of more than 90,000 drivers. Customers, inventory, and orders are all managed in a single interface that also promotes the growth of the business through targeted marketing mechanisms such as SMS, emails, notifications, and geo-fenced offers, with no extra cost.

Ally eliminates the need for a business to rely on third-party marketplaces, making them lose as much as 40% of revenue due to commissions. This is done by having a small monthly fee for its service and software platform, cutting commission costs as much as tenfold.

For delivery drivers, Ally grants them full control over schedules and deliveries that they want to take. Moreover, drivers get to keep 100% of the delivery fee and driver tip. They are not also charged, not even a single penny until they have made $1,000 in a given month.

Ally and partners grow

Ally is proud of the way it empowers both businesses and delivery drivers and it is for this reason that they already made 24 million deliveries in more than 500 locations across 50 U.S. states.

Well-known brands like Carls, Jack in the Box, Boston Market, among many others, are now their clients.

After all, Ally is built to connect the world.

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