Along with iPhone 12, all new Apple stuff will launch in October?

Apple made a commemorated decision to launch the iPhone 12 in September media event every year since 2012’s iPhone 5 launch.

That shouldn’t come as a complete surprise as it is rumored that the iPhone 12 official launch announcement will take place in Apple’s October event.

In the previous month, during the 2020 Apple event, we came across many new kinds of stuff like the Apple Watch, the new Apple iPad, and fresh Apple subscription services. Still, there wasn’t any announcement regarding new iPhones this year.

It is not only Apple iPhone 12 that we have been waiting for. We are also looking for some new stuff that might launch by the end of this year.

Let’s find out some of the missing in action Apple stuff, which might show up before the end of this year.

iPhone 12

Everyone is desperately waiting for the official launch announcement of the iPhone 12. Many people thought it would show up in the September event, but unfortunately, it didn’t.

There is a good case that iPhone 12 might show up in the October event. The October will be held on October 13 or 14. People are waiting for this phone, as it will showcase the 5G support, and other specs of this phone will also be a cherry on the cake.


AirTags are a long-rumored alternative for Tile style trackers. Though Tile style trackers remain the phantom product, AirTags can be advisable for many if launched by the end of this year.

It can be considered as a reasonably priced stock buffer. Hints regarding the product arrival were in many iOS codes, but no official announcement has been made yet. That’s all we know about AirTags till now.

Apple TV

This lockdown has made everyone clutched to the couch and watch many OTTs and movies altogether. All the consideration in today’s market is regarding the TV. Apple TV set up box haven’t been updated from 2017.

It requires an update in hardware as the number of content shows on TV is increasing eventually. There is a chance that an updated set up box might show up by the end of 2020.


The Apple HomePod debuted in 2018 for $350, which was a bit heavy to wallets. The great-sounding smart speaker can be found on sale occasionally at a mere rate of $200.

As the end of this year is approaching, we expect a whole new, smaller, and cheaper HomePod. There was a no-show of Apple HomePod in the September Apple event, but it might show up in the October event.

Image courtesy of Ned Snowman/Shutterstock

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