Amal Clooney controlling, refusing to sleep beside George Clooney: rumor

Amal Clooney and George Clooney are once again at the center of rumors about their marriage.

According to Woman’s Day, the couple has been having problems because of their obvious differences. The actor doesn’t mind taking care of his twins, but he, allegedly, feels that he’s on house arrest because Amal Clooney is busy with work. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“Amal has a controlling streak, especially when George is away. She’ll wonder what he’s up to and gets mad when he misses her calls,” an unnamed source said, as per Woman’s Day.

Amal Clooney, George Clooney’s fights have allegedly become brutal

Another friend that’s close to the couple claimed that Amal and George’s fights have become brutal. And there are times when the couple, allegedly, sleeps in different rooms.

“When they’ve been together lately, they often don’t sleep in the same room due to their many disagreements. He’s not the type of cheat and can’t get his head around why someone as beautiful and intelligent as Amal is jealous,” the source said.

George Clooney doesn’t allegedly want to stay at home

The insider also claimed that the Ocean’s Eleven actor doesn’t like to always be the one to stay at home. After all, he also has a lucrative job and tons of friends that want to hang out with him.

“Amal’s interests are serious business. George is an activist, but he wouldn’t mind watching sports or an action flick once in a while. The boys would often take last-minute trips to his Lake Como villa and make pizzas before going out on a long motorcycle ride. Every now and then he feels a little stir-crazy,” the source said.

Amal Clooney, George Clooney allegedly arguing about their kids’ education

Amal Clooney, George Clooney allegedly arguing about their kids’ education

The couple is also allegedly arguing about where they should raise their twins. Amal, allegedly, wants Alexander and Ella to go to a private school in London.

George, on the other hand, wants to send their twins to a school in the United States.

George Clooney adding more features to their Los Angeles estate?

And to convince Amal that the US is what’s best for their kids, George is, allegedly, adding some features to his Los Angeles estate.

“George is preparing to move back. He hopes that once Amal sees how amazing it is, she’ll have a change of heart. The problem is, she has a successful career in the UK, which she refuses to give up,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt.

Amal Clooney and her husband aren’t having problems in their marriage.

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