Amal Clooney demanded George to shave ‘gross’ bear rumor debunked

Amal Clooney demanded George to shave 'gross' bear rumor debunked

Amal Clooney was allegedly not happy with her husband George’s facial hair and demanded that he shaved it.

Amal Clooney and George have been together for six years and are already parents to twins Alexander and Ella. However, their marriage has been constantly subjected to divorce rumors.

Amal Clooney allegedly found George’s beard grossed

National Enquirer published a report a year ago claiming that Amal Clooney was unhappy with George Clooney’s beard. It alleged that the human rights lawyer was so disgusted by her husband’s facial hair that she even gave him an ultimatum.

“Lose the beard or lose your privileges with me,” it quoted an anonymous insider.

The tipster went on and claimed that George’s beard “aged him by decades.” Amal disapproved of the movie star’s facial hair, but he allegedly refused to shave it because he wanted to grow it like his pal David Letterman.

Amal was allegedly so put off that she didn’t want to kiss her husband. However, Enquirer claimed that their kids Ella and Alexander loved it because they could play with it.

The twins reportedly enjoyed pulling and twisting it. George also loved it because the twins squeal when he tickles them with it.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop refuted the report a year after it was published. According to the outlet, the story was false and was only made in an attempt to cause drama between George and Amal Clooney

It’s not true that the family was divided simply because of the Money Monster star’s beard. In fact, a year after the report was published, Amal and George are still together.

Also, for years that they have been together, the Ocean’s Eleven star has often sported a beard which doesn’t support the claim that Amal finds it gross.

George and Amal rumors

The rumors about George Clooney and Amal Clooney having a falling-out is not new at all. If those rumors about their marriage splitting were true, the couple has already separated countless times.

For instance, there were claims about the two having trial separation and getting a divorce. An insider claimed that he was no longer happy in Los Angeles and wanted to move to Lake Como, Italy. But Amal disapproved of the idea because of the COVID-19 cases in the country.

There were also allegations that George left their marital home which intensified the split and divorce rumors. The tabloid claimed he was preparing a bachelor pad for his impending split from Amal.

But then again, the claim is not true. George and Amal are happily married and they are still together.


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