Amal Clooney dislikes Julia Roberts due to her chemistry with George Clooney: Rumor

Amal Clooney dislikes Julia Roberts due to her chemistry with George Clooney: Rumor

Amal Clooney isn’t, allegedly, a huge fan of Julia Roberts because of the latter’s strong chemistry with her husband.

According to OK! magazine, Roberts’ husband, Danny Moder also feels the same way about George Clooney. As such, both Moder and Amal Clooney are not thrilled to know that the A-listers are working together.

Amal Clooney, Danny Moder not thrilled over George Clooney’s gig

A source told the tabloid that Roberts and George are already getting on the skin of their respective spouses.

“They had a sizzling chemistry from the start, which is why everyone in Hollywood thinks it’s a great idea for them to do another movie together except, maybe, Amal and Danny,” the source said.

Amal Clooney, Danny Moder not thrilled over George Clooney's gig 

Julia Roberts, Danny Moder marital problems

The insider also claimed that Roberts already stirred the pot with her husband after she accepted a role in Gaslit. After all, this meant that she had to travel to Australia to film her scenes.

Her relationship with Moder still hasn’t, allegedly, recovered from this. But she recently accepted a gig with George that just made things worse.

Amal Clooney jealous of Julia Roberts

As for Amal, the human rights lawyer isn’t, allegedly, a huge fan of the Pretty Woman actress.

“She’s not a big fan of Julia because of her intense connection with George. But George and Julia are thrilled to be hooking up again. And producers are sure they’ll have a hit on their hands,” the source said.

OK! magazine isn’t the only tabloid that’s been concocting dubious claims about George and Roberts.

Rumors debunked

New Idea also published a similar thing last week when they said that Amal Clooney is upset with the actress’s connection with George.

To make things worse, a source alleged that Roberts is encouraging George to not allow Amal and their twins to visit him on set. After all, they could be a distraction.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It is unlikely for Roberts to be banning Amal from the set of her and George’s movie.

And there’s also no proof that Amal Clooney dislikes Roberts. After all, there is no reason for her to feel negatively towards the actress because she and George are professionals.

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