Amal Clooney furious with Katie Holmes for calling George Clooney nonstop: Rumor

Amal Clooney furious with Katie Holmes for calling George Clooney nonstop: Rumor

Amal Clooney is, allegedly, fuming at Katie Holmes and George Clooney’s newfound chemistry.

According to New Idea, Katie Holmes has been desperate to find work in the industry. After all, her last big hit was 16 years ago when she starred in Batman Begins.

Holmes, allegedly, reached out to her good friend, George to ask for a project. And the Ocean’s Eleven actor is more than willing to help.

Amal Clooney, Emilio Vitolo upset with Katie Holmes, George’s closeness

However, Amal is not thrilled to know that Holmes and George have been calling each other nonstop while discussing their next big project.

Holmes’ boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo is also, allegedly, upset that the actress is spending so much time on the phone with George.

“All these nonstop phone calls between Katie and George must be getting on Amal’s nerves. She’s used to women batting their eyelashes at her husband, but there’s something about Katie hovering around that she’s uncomfortable with,” the source said.

Amal Clooney, Emilio Vitolo upset with Katie Holmes, George's closeness 

According to the source, Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship has also been cooling down because of the actress’s relationship with George.

“Emilio wants to be a star in his own right and has even styled himself on a young George Clooney. So, it must be unsettling for his girlfriend to all of a sudden be in conversation with the real thing,” the source said.

Katie Holmes desperately looking for next big break

Still, the tabloid insisted that Katie Holmes couldn’t care any less about her boyfriend and Amal’s feelings.

After all, the actress’s focus is to find a big project that can help her raise her 14-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.

“Katie needs to star opposite a huge name to propel herself back to the top. That’s the way it works if someone has bowed out of major productions for so long or had a string of flops. Sadly, both apply to Katie. I believe that’s the advice that’s been sent her way,” the source said.

George Clooney more than happy to help Katie

Luckily for the actress, George, allegedly, has a soft spot for Holmes. And he’s also willing to bend over backward to help the single mom.

“They’ve been chatting on the phone several times a week while he’s in LA and she’s in New York. He’s all about generating his own projects and is sifting through scripts to find one that would be a fit for both of them. George’s friends haven’t seen him this creatively inspired for a long time,” the source said.

However, there is no proof that Katie Holmes has been asking George for help in finding a job. And there’s also no proof that they’ve been talking on the phone nonstop.

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