Amanda Palmer spills real relationship status with Neil Gaiman in Patreon

Amanda Palmer spills real relationship status with Neil Gaiman in Patreon

Amanda Palmer has decided to go public with her current relationship status with Neil Gaiman. It appears that the two have broken up.

Amanda Palmer announced her split with British writer Gaiman through her Patreon account. They’ve been married since 2011.

They’ve stayed strong for almost a decade but now it seems that they’ve hit a very rocky road in their marriage.

The Patreon announcement

In a post titled “where’s Neil? a note about what’s happening,” she revealed that her husband is no longer with her and their son in New Zealand.

She also posted about it on her Twitter account saying that Gaiman moved to the United Kingdom.

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it feels so weird to put on stage make-up and a costume after ambling around a house for 18 days in sweats and a t-shirt on but they children’s book author @oliverjeffers just single-handedly text-cajoled me and @neilhimself out of bed to play the role of two crayons via video for his children’s broadcast of “the day the crayons quit” on his IG tomorrow (6 pm GMT). i already took most of my costume off and am back in fucking bed. i played the green crayon. the green crayon is the peacekeeper. you’ll have to tune in for neil’s surprise costume. hint: he is the black crayon. what has happened to my life. i was asleep. i didn’t even get dressed for my own webcast but i got dressed to be a crayon wtf this is all just a goddamn dream isn’t it

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She also wrote that she is heartbroken and struggling with their situation. Apparently, she is left alone with her four-year-old son Ash in New Zealand.

She also noted how she felt so alone and so far away from home.  And at the moment, she just doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Keeping the details private

Amanda Palmer chose not to go into deeper details though. But she did mention that their separation is not due to the COVID-19 or lockdown.

She wants to keep her young son protected so she has decided to keep the details away from the public. Nevertheless, she said that she is thankful for all the well-wishes and for the support that she has received in these trying times.

Her family and friends have also reached out to her. But in her note, she apologized to them for not answering back and she hopes that they understand.

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we got this.

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At the moment, the 44-year old American musician is just trying to keep her son okay especially since he hasn’t been around other kids for the last six weeks. She has also opened up about being far away from her passion–music and art stuff.

Towards the end of her note, she continued to declare her love for Gaiman.

“My commitment to radical compassion has not shifted. I am trying. I have a great deal of compassion for Neil. I always have and always will,” she said. “I love him deeply.”

Gaiman, author of “Stardust,” “American Gods,” and “Coraline,” has confirmed his wife’s announcement. He did not expect it though and requested privacy and kindness for them and their son.

Relationship timeline

The lead singer of the The Dresden Dolls got engaged to Gaiman in 2010. In the same year, she planned a flash mob wedding for his 50th birthday bash in New Orleans.

It wasn’t official though. They legally got married in 2011 and then she gave birth to Ash on September 16, 2015. In 2019, they opened up about having an open marriage.

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