Amazon Echo Show to stream Netflix

In a yearly echo event organized by Amazon, the tech giant finally announced Netflix’s streaming support to its smart speaker-cum-10 inch screen, Amazon Echo Show. Netflix has only been third in Joining Amazon Prime in Hulu.

Along with the Echo line up, Amazon also released the next generation of products and services. The line up included updates in its virtual assistant, Alexa, a new line up of Amazon Firestick, and many others. Amazon also stated that the device would be able to search Netflix shows through its speech mechanism.

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show, launched in 2017, is a smart speaker with a 10-inch display that will allow viewers to stream videos online. Currently, it only supports Amazon Prime and Hulu. But with the new development, users will be able to stream Netflix as well.

In its recent development, the company announced a new feature that would allow the Amazon Echo Show 10 to swivel on its motorized neck when the viewer moves around the room. The recent Amazon Echo Show will unveil a robust design and better features in its Alexa virtual assistant.

Furthermore, the device can scan the bar codes and order things online. It can do video calls and see your security camera feeds. It also has a robust 13-megapixel front camera.


The new Amazon Echo Show 10 has been priced at $249.99 in the United States. The price for India is yet to be released by the company. Its previous version, the Amazon Echo Show 8, costs Rs 9,499 in India at the moment.

Privacy policies

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has been under flak for a long time with reports of private conversations of people leaked by the device. To which Amazon replied that it merely “misheard” command or an exchange. Some instances of conversations being heard in the background and the user being bombasted with product ads are also quite familiar with Alexa.

This raises primary concerns, especially on Amazon Echo, which has a voice and video control. Hence, with the new launch, Amazon has addressed some privacy concerns by introducing features like a physical shutter to block the view of the device’s camera. Another feature is to turn off the intelligent motion tracking feature mount on a motored neck.

Amazon further clarified that the Echo Show 10 would allow a fusion of audio-based localization and computer vision, all processed locally and securely on the device, to power the intelligent motion that keeps the screen facing towards you or detect someone when in Away Mode.

Image courtesy of Juan Ci/Shutterstock

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