Amazon employees arrested, stole iPhones worth $592,000!

In a shocking new case, a group of Amazon employees has been arrested. They stole nearly $592,000 worth of Apple iPhones.

According to Apple Insider, several Amazon employees stole huge stocks of new iPhones 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. The case is of a logistics center in Madrid, Spain. Interestingly, the company itself carried a thorough investigation and later found those accused.

Actually many customers complained about their orders weighing less than what they actually ought to be. Then the company started its internal investigation and installed hidden cameras at the center.

Amazon iPhones theft case: all accused employees arrested

After the revelation was made about the five individuals, three of them got arrested while leaving work. The fourth one got in custody while working, and the fifth person surrendered himself. Also, Amazon has fired them all, and the trial will commence soon.

When captured, the workers had ten dispatchable iPhones. They planned to steal them using their similar method so far. A large number of stickers with IMEI numbers were also found. It was simply to affect the investigation.

It’s a well-known fact that iPhones are very popular due to their premium design and looks. They usually become a soft target for thefts and stealing across the globe.

There was another case in March this year when iPhones worth 3 million Euros got stolen. It happened at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, and then there was also a case of stolen Apple Watches in May.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sales going well

Meanwhile, apart from such unwanted incidents of illegal possessions of the most popular smartphone, the official sales are growing lately.

The new iPhone 12 models are witnessing a good demand, once again, like every year. The regular 6.1-inch non-pro variant is the best selling version among the four latest launches. Just recently, the highly-awaited Mini member eventually came out to all the consumers. And they also got their hands on the biggest 12 Pro Max. The ultimate flagship variant comes in 6.7-inch screen size with highly improved camera sensors.

Apple seems to have a big reason this year due to expected growth in sales in the coming days. Although when it comes to its own smartphone sales comparison, then the picture is obvious. Because since 2018, the non-pro and budget iPhones are emerging out as top-selling models in the world. Where iPhone XR did that a year ago, the 11 did it in 2020.

It will be interesting to see if that happens again in 2021 with the new line-up, especially the iPhone 12 model (not the Mini one).


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