Amazon France closes its doors until April 22

This COVID-19 and lockdown situation is no joke. So serious that Amazon France decided to stop its services until April 22. They had to do this or a court ruling will do it for them.

Businesses; as well as online stores suffer due to the danger of COVID-19. In France, Amazon isn’t allowed to sell anything except essential things. This means they can only sell medical items, hygienic supplies, and food products.

Last April 15, Amazon needed to close six of their centers amidst a court ruling. This ruling dictates that they risk paying a fine if they stay open but sell other products. Any fine is bad to pay but paying one million Euros is worse. Imagine paying that amount when you sold a cellphone case. The profit from that sale does not justify the fine.

Strict ruling

This ruling comes from the fact that more than 19,000 people died in France because of COVID-19. Union workers believe that Amazon didn’t provide enough COVID-19 protection when fulfilling orders. The French people wanted a much safer workplace so they took things to court. The French court saw the workers’ point so they came out with the ruling.

This ruling forced Amazon to only sell essential items related to the pandemic. Yet, they submitted an appeal because they find the ruling very confusing. Amazon stated that the ruling didn’t describe the items that they can sell and ship. Thus, to prevent any violation committed, they decided to close the online shop until April 22. Because of this, people expect delayed orders and shipment.

Present situation

Amazon warehouses closed after the implementation of the ruling. The union workers’ focus here is to make sure of the application of protective guidelines. They believe that incorrect management in shipping will risk the spread of the virus. This encompasses the workers themselves and the people receiving the goods.

One can never be too sure with this virus. This is the workers’ belief and as they see it, Amazon’s guidelines are not enough. Amazon followed the court ruling and ensured the safety of their protocols. The closure of their warehouses will ensure thorough safety checks for their workers.

Companies should put the safety of their workers first. Not only during a pandemic but every time a worker comes to work for them. Amazon believes that enclosed places like warehouses cause several social distancing issues. They can continue shipping essential items. But, they need to ensure the safety of the products and workers.


Images courtesy of Geralt/Pixabay

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