Amazon Kuiper satellites to be launched by Atlas V rockets

Amazon has announced that its Kuiper internet service satellites will be launched for the first time by Atlas V rockets under the ULA. The company has not revealed any official timeline yet.

Amazon Newcomer to the field

Amazon has eyed the satellite internet provider market for quite some time. Now, it has planned to deploy its first batch of project Kuiper satellites into space.

This launch will take place with United Launch Alliance(ULA) Atlas V rockets. The contract between Amazon and ULA is for nine satellite launches.

Amazon’s Kuiper belt is a satellite-provided internet service by placing satellites in the low-Earth orbit. This is similar to SpaceX’s Starlink project.

Amazon is now planning to launch 3,236 satellites in total, with 1600 of them in orbit by June 2026. This project may have a $10 Billion investment from Amazon to provide high-speed internet to consumers.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, released a statement about the satellite launch contract. He said that “We’re determined to make affordable broadband a reality for customers and communities around the world.”

He also noted that ULA is a “fantastic partner that’s successfully launched dozens of missions for commercial and government customers, and we’re grateful for their support of Kuiper.”

Value and timeline?

There is no detail regarding the value of the contract or the version of the Atlas V rocket Amazon will use. Amazon has not commented yet on the number of satellites to be launched on each trip.

The company also highlighted the prospect. It said that the company “will need multiple launch vehicles and launch partners.”

Amazon has now employed more than 500 people in project Kuiper to make and launch these satellites. Recently, it completed the initial development of the satellite antenna for the users.

ULA- A good choice

ULA Atlas V is a reliable rocket in the international satellite launch industry. It has had a success rate of 100% since 2007. Amazon may collaborate with other companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Arianespace in the future for satellite launches.

Amazon has not released an official timeline for the satellite launches but plans to put the entire constellation in space by 30th July 2029.

Tory Bruno, president, and CEO of ULA, said that “The scope and scale of the initiative will also provide an enormous boost to U.S. leadership in space, helping create jobs and providing steady, reliable demand for the launch services industry,” about the contract.

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