Amazon Luna offers early access to users to play 50 games

Amazon Luna, the cloud gaming service, is now available for use in early access. After its announcement on Sept. 24, the service finally came to the users in early access.

Amazon Luna now offers early access to users to play 50 games on the cloud platform. The monthly subscription for the service is $5.99 per month, as of now.

Amazon Luna: The new player

Amazon Luna is one of the top-notch competitors in the field of cloud gaming. The e-commerce and cloud services giant gears up to acquire the market. The company already has a cloud services platform, thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Now, Amazon has sent invitations to its customers in the USA to try Luna on early access. They can play up to 50 games now, with more coming soon. They can also buy an Amazon Luna game controller.

Amazon has eyed the lucrative gaming market for several years. It has acquired Twitch, the streaming platform, and founded Amazon Game Studios in 2012. The studio’s mobile games received good reviews, but not the console ones.

Now Amazon Luna is available for early access on Mac, PC, iOS, and Fire TV. Though there is no android version, it is in the works.

Amazon Luna’s early access is available in the Luna Plus Gaming channel, with a $ 5.99 for a month for 50 games. Players cannot usually buy full game titles in the service.

A Ubisoft-special channel for its games is also under development. Users should pay separately for access to the Ubisoft channel.

Amazon Luna can be used with any Bluetooth gaming controller available in the market. However, early access users can order the controller, which boasts significant perks such as cloud direct technology for low latency and Amazon Echo voice support.

Competition in the field

Amazon currently has competitors in the field, such as Microsoft xCloud gaming and Google Stadia. xCloud disappointed fans by not providing the service to iOS users and on iPad and iPhone. Google Stadia did not impress people by failing to bring the games it promised. The company is now offering exclusive games from Ubisoft and other 50 games, along with iOS support.

It seems that Amazon is learning from the failure of other players, but experts suggest to wait to experience the perks of the service fully and not to rush. Early access for Luna proves to be a tactical move from the tech giant to impress gamers and potential customers.

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