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Amazon releases ‘Crucible’ game, it could be ‘Fortnite’s’ new rival


Amazon is finally releasing its first big-budget PC game  after being delayed a few times because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon will try to keep up with the crowded games industry with the release of Crucible. The game is developed by Amazon Game Studios (AGS) which has only released a number of titles.

Multiple delays

AGS has hired popular game veterans to lead Crucible’s development. However, their journey was tough as it was plagued with delays and cancellations. But on May 20, AGS first major free to play shooting game will be released on the PC.

According to franchise head Colin Johanson, the game’s release was delayed twice because of COVID-19. First, the game’s development team needed to adjust to working at home.

The second was they were doubtful about the timing of releasing the game amidst the global pandemic.

A vast battlefield

Crucible will be set in a chaotic world where only a few can travel outside. Those who can must find work as freelancers – hunt monsters and collect their essence. These essences are special items which help them grow and level up. Like Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, the theme resonates similarities to players facing the current pandemic.

Combined genres

Although Crucible was originally introduced as a battle royale game in 2016, however it has surprisingly evolved as an action multiplayer online battle arena.

Though the objectives may be different, the game continuously sets two teams against each other inside a battlefield. Players will control heroes, capture objectives, earn points and gold in order to level up and get powerful.

To cut things short, Crucible will take the strategic battles of League of Legends and Dota 2 to a first person perspective. This means the game will focus more on precise, aim-based combats.

The huge difference Crucible has from other MOBA games is that they are removing the predictable factors of the game such as consistently spawning creeps.

Crucible’s advantage

The fact that Amazon made Crucible as free to play, fans can expect what now has become the standard in online shooting games: hero skins, season passes and other features that require in-game purchases.

It is difficult to say if Amazon’s new game will be a hit. Even competing for attention in shooting games can be savage. However, it is easy to determine what Crucible has done right.

Its amazing graphics, well-defined controls, a mix of the most recent game genres and a low barrier entry for players of mixed skill levels will help Amazon’s new game rise to the top.

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