Amazon reveals ‘Ring Drone’ to enhance home security

Amazon unveils its ‘Ring Drone’ in the latest Amazon event. The ‘Always Home Cam’ is expected to increase security by constant surveillance.

The amazon-owned company, Ring, released an advertisement illustrating the concept of their latest product. The ad describes a drone that flies inside your home and helps you surveillance it. The drone is compact, light, and flies autonomously inside the house, resulting in the thief to flee.

The journey of Ring

The Ring is a home security and a smart home company which is owned by Amazon. Ring manufactures home security products that incorporate outdoor motion-detecting cameras, including Ring Video Doorbell.

Moreover, it hosts an app, Neighbors, for online social sharing of caught film among the users. It also gives video footage from its cameras and information from its Neighbors app to law reinforcement agencies on demand.

Civil rights promotion groups have censured its police associations as building an intrusive private surveillance network.

The pre-acquisition period

The Ring was founded as Doorbot in 2013 by Jamie Siminoff.  At that time, Doorbot was crowdfunded via Christie Street. In the meantime, it is raising $364,000, which was more than the requested $250,000. Its headquarter is in Santa Monica, California, U.S.

In 2013, Siminoff and Doorbot appeared on an episode of a reality series Shark Tank to seek a $700,000 investment for the company, which he estimated was worth $7 million.

But when Kevin O’Leary made a potential offer, Siminoff declined it. However, after appearing on Shark Tank, Siminoff rebranded the company, which later received $5 million in additional sales.

Growth and Amazon

Later, in 2016, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal acquired the equity stake in the company. This resulted in him becoming a spokesperson in the company’s marketing.

Further, the company raised over $200 million in investment from several investors, including one of the Virgin Group founders, Sir Richard Branson.

However, in February 2018, Ring was acquired by Amazon. The value estimated is between  $1.2 billion and  $1.8 billion. It has been working as a subsidiary of Amazon since then.

About the Flying Drone

According to the reports, the ‘Always Home Cam’ drone is to cost around $250. It will keep surveillance of your home by flying around it.

The drone is small in size and light. It has a high-definition camera, and it can naturally fly on preset ways to exact spots in your home while streaming video to your smartphone of what it sees in its route.

Moreover, users can set up ways for the drone using a smartphone application. If the drone recognizes movement in an aspect of your home, it can fly all alone autonomously to that spot and take a video of what is happening.

The drone is expected to be released next year, and it is intended for indoor utilization only. Another equally important feature included is that it may be set to work with the Ring Alarm framework, so it will fly to preset the route if the alarm is set off.

Image courtesy of Sundry Photography/Shutterstock

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