Amazon sets up health clinics around its warehouses

Tech giant Amazon is launching health clinics in several cities for its warehouse workers and their families.

Amazon announced that these health clinics would ensure the health and wellness of its warehouse workers. The company is launching a pilot program in several cities. Among the first are San Bernardino, Louisville, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

The tech giant plans to establish 20 of these health care clinics across five cities if the pilot is successful. The company adds that more health care clinics will be established across several states in 2021.

An initiative to help warehouse workers

All of these clinics will serve Amazon employees. However, the clinics itself will be staffed by medical experts from Crossover Health. Most of these clinics will be located near the company’s fulfillment centers and delivery stations.

Since most of the tech giant’s warehouses are open 24/7, the clinics will also be subjected to extended operational hours. This is to make sure that all employees are properly taken care of.

The clinics will provide many services, including preventative care resources and urgent care options, in case of emergency. In a statement, Amazon vice president of human resources Darcie Henry said:

“We want to solve that for our employees, and the launch of these new neighborhood health centers will provide a range of quality primary care services for employees across the country.”

The clinics will also provide services such as vaccinations, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and behavioral health. The clinic can also provide prescription medication to workers if needed.

Preventive measures against coronavirus

The initiative came in a time when the coronavirus is ranging across the United States. This is considered as a crucial time as the virus continues to spread exponentially across the country. Warehouse employees urge the tech giant to provide adequate medical protection against the virus while they are on the job.

Several Amazon warehouses have reported positive coronavirus cases lately. A recent report reveals that at least nine warehouse workers have died because of the virus.

Following the surge of cases in the country, the tech giant responded promptly. The company gave ten days of subsidized care for all its employees across the United States until October 2. This is just one of the many medical perks that the company has given its employees in recent months.

The spread of the coronavirus continues to grow in the United States. Amazon is working to mitigate the spread of the virus on its warehouses by providing adequate health care to its employees.

Image courtesy of Bryan Angelo/Unsplash

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