Amazon streamlines use of thermal cameras to hasten screening of workers


Having found that some of its employees had been infected with the coronavirus, Amazon is adamant in keeping the rest of its employees uncompromised by deploying the use of thermal cameras at its warehouses, Reuters said.

In the report, it is found that the U.S. retailing giant wants to identify as a company that fought the pandemic together with its employees, and to do this, it has to be able to protect its employees from possibly infecting each other. To do this, it plans to speed up the screening of its workers through the use of thermal cameras. 

Although Inc has previously adopted the use of forehead thermometers, it has switched to the said cameras as they are able to more quickly measure how much heat is emitted by the people it has scanned. Aside from this, the cameras require less contact and do the work more efficiently at a lower risk.

Employees feel safer now

As opposed to businesses closing down or cutting jobs because of the pandemic, Amazon is firm with its goal of maintaining sustainability and continuing its operations alongside its employees. 

Despite some of its warehouses closing down in France due to panic brought about by the coronavirus contagion, it is found that its employees are still able to report to work with a high sense of morale as it knows that the company is also doing its part in keeping them and the company safe. 

Consumer views on the use of thermal cameras

While some online retailing giants have been ordered to halt its operations, states in the U.S. have allowed Amazon to go on with its delivery services. This may have been the case considering the level of measures the retailing giant has been practicing at this time. 

It appears that customers perceive companies who take extra measures against COVID-19 as better options and that they would often choose to do business with one that they are less likely to contract the virus from. In this case, other companies stand with Amazon such as Intel Corp, and Tyson Foods Inc. 

In the coming weeks, analysts anticipate that business establishments coming from other industries will follow in the deployment of thermal cameras in their workplaces. This means that there will also be more business for tech giants involved in the manufacture or upgrade of the said product. 


Featured image courtesy of Dahua Technology Channel/YouTube Screenshot.

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