Amazon’s MMO entry ‘New World’ is pushed back to 2021

Amazon's MMO entry 'New World' pushed back to 2021

Another Amazon game entry is getting pulled back as New World, its massively multiplayer online game (MMO), scraps its August release.

It looks like Amazon is slightly struggling with its tentpole games. First, its team-based action shooter MOBA game, Cruciblereverts to a closed beta. Now, its MMO entry, New World, will be set back until next year, based on the results of its Alpha testing.

It’s a rocky start for Amazon as it enters the highly profitable gaming scene. Nevertheless, the industry giant is making strategic decisions. It’s better to hold back a game’s release rather than witness it flop altogether.

August 25th launch is a no-go

Studio Director of New World, Rich Lawrence, released an official statement last Friday, announcing the changes for its supposed next month launch. Accordingly, the game is getting pushed back to 2021.

The decision came from the results of the devs’ Alpha testing phase. As it turns out, the game is not ready to go live just yet.

An excerpt of the announcement reads:

“When we examined the feedback we received over the last several months from our Alpha audience, we saw that players like the game, and they would like to see even more of it. In particular, we want to ensure that the most dedicated players have plenty of middle and endgame experiences as they venture through Aeternum. We want our players to feel completely immersed in the game, and know that our studio stands for quality and lasting gameplay you can trust — and that means added time to get things where we want them before we fully release.”

Similar to the reviews that Crucible received during the early days of its public release, players wanted to give the game a chance as it had great potential to it. However, the game lacked in some aspects which are, thankfully, amenable.

Nevertheless, per The Verge, for those who pre-registered for the game, signed up for a beta phase on or before July 9, or is in “good standing” as an alpha tester, will have the opportunity to participate in Amazon’s “first-hand look” on New World which will transpire on August 25 instead.

What is New World?

As mentioned, New World is an MMO game with a “heavy inspiration” to Bandai Namco‘s Dark Souls, per IGN‘s YouTube review.

The game is set in a fictional realm called Aeternum and brings reference to the English folkloreNew World does look promising, and a few extra months will likely do the trick to make it launch-ready.

2021 is the year of redemption for many industries, considering many 2020 releases have been pushed back due to the current global state. So, watch out for New World’s new release date, which is sometime in the Spring of 2021.


Featured image courtesy of New World

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