Amber Heard abandoned: ‘Me Too’ activist drops support for Johnny Depp’s ex


Amber Heard lost key support in her battle against Johnny Depp after Me Too activist Amanda de Cadenet decided not to testify on her behalf against Depp.

Amber Heard turned to Amanda de Cadenet, a Me Too activist when her marriage with Johnny Depp crumbled. De Cadenet was among the first who supported Heard.

However, she had a change of heart.

Amber Heard lost activist’s support

Amanda de Cadenet released a statement saying that she won’t be supporting Amber Heard for Johnny Depp’s case against The Sun.

Depp sued the outlet for calling him “wife-beater” after Heard alleged that he was abusive and violent. Heard is part of the legal case to support the tabloid.

The Me Too activist was initially expected to testify against Depp. However, she decided not to do it anymore.

“I recently acknowledged that I will not [be] testifying (sic) in Johnny Depp’s upcoming defamation case against the Sun. I also acknowledged that new facts have come to my attention which has changed my perspective on this matter,” de Cadenet said per Daily Mail.


Why did de Cadenet’s mind change?

De Cadenet confessed she changed her mind after hearing Amber Heard’s’ abusive language towards Depp in a leaked recording.

“When the first audiotape was released, and I heard Amber being verbally abusive to Johnny, I was horrified,” de Cadenet said.

She added that the recording disturbed her. She also contacted Heard’s lawyer to reach out to her.

“I texted Robbie Kaplan, Amber’s attorney, and let her know I needed to speak with her urgently. When we spoke, I told her I was appalled and shocked to hear how Amber was speaking to Johnny and that it was not ok with me.”

Heard told de Cadenet that Depp’s camp edited the recording. The Girlgaze founder was hoping that the Aquaman actress would “take accountability for her behavior, but she did not.”

De Cadenet had a painful realization

De Cadenet has not spoken to Heard after she confronted her. The activist supporting abused women also came into a painful realization.

“I have not spoken with Amber since this exchange and have come to the very painful realization that someone who I advocated for and believed so wholeheartedly, was not entirely forthcoming with me,” she added.


Perez Hilton apologized to Depp

Perez Hilton apologized to Johnny Depp earlier this year for believing in Amber Heard. According to the American blogger, he regretted his decision to support Heard.

Hilton said that abused women don’t lie; that’s why he immediately believed the actress. Additionally, he realized that he should have listened to Depp’s exes because abusers usually have a history of abuse in their past relationships.

Both Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder insisted that they didn’t experience what Heard claimed against Depp. They said Depp was gentle, sensitive, and loving.

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