Amber Heard allegedly gave Elon Musk a black eye: rumors


Amber Heard dated Elon Musk after her split from Johnny Depp, and there were speculations that she gave the Tesla CEO a black eye.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk were together shortly after the Aquaman star filed for divorce from Johnny Depp. The SpaceX CEO was once photographed with a black eye, and some netizens immediately blamed Heard for it.

Amber Heard caused Elon Musk’s alleged black eye

Amber Heard started dating Elon Musk shortly after she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp. When they were still together, they were photographed with Musk seemingly having a black eye.

One netizen shared the photos on Twitter and wrote, “Coincidence? that’s interesting!” Several online users immediately reacted to the photo and blamed Heard for Musk’s alleged black eye because, for them, she was an abuser.

“I don’t believe he has a black eye in those pictures. But it’s entirely possible things did happen behind the scenes. Amber Heard is an abuser,” one wrote.


Meanwhile, another netizen said that he never believed in Heard’s claims against Depp because between the two, it was her who has a history of domestic abuse.

“I NEVER believed Amber and I knew of her history so taking that in, I believe we are all creatures of habit and Amber has always had the explosive tantrums yet Johnny never did. Hmmmm,” the Twitter user opined.

Heard’s history of abuse revisited

On Sept. 14, 2009, Amber Heard was arrested for “misdemeanor domestic violence” after she physically assaulted her then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree. The incident happened at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There were witnesses who saw Heard grabbed and hit van Ree’s arm and yanked the necklace off her neck.

Heard spent the night in jail. However, she was released the following day. The Seattle-based prosecutor did not press charges against her because both Heard and van Ree were residents of California and were just passing through the Washington State.


Heard not the victim, but the perpetrator

Johnny Depp released a 40-page document lodged at the Court of Fairfax, Virginia, amid his legal battle with Amber Heard. The document was entitled “Ms. Heard Was Not A Victim Of Domestic Violence: She Was A Perpetrator.”

In the document, Depp claimed that before Heard became a “public figure representing domestic abuse,” she was in an abusive relationship. However, she wasn’t the victim. Instead, she was the abuser. Depp was referring to Heard and van Ree’s encounter at the airport.

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