Amber Heard ‘body-shamed’ Johnny Depp during a blowout fight


Amber Heard body-shamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp during a blowout fight calling him “washed up” and “fat.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s marriage didn’t work. The Aquaman star filed for divorce a year after they tied the knot.

Based on the reports, they often fight. Heard even alleged that Depp was abusive and violent. Meanwhile, one witnessed Heard body-shaming the actor.

Amber Heard body-shamed Johnny Depp

Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp was abusive and violent. However, several people came to his defense.

According to Tara Roberts’ deposition, Heard was mean to her ex-husband. She criticized his appearance.

Roberts witnessed how Heard screamed and insulted Depp. She called him names, and, in the middle of their argument, yelled at him saying, “your career is over.”

Heard also told Depp, “no one is going to hire you,” “you’re washed up,” and “fat.” She continued saying that Depp would die a lonely man.


Heard attacked Depp physically and verbally

According to Roberts, Heard attacked Depp verbally and he just responded to her by saying, “go away” and “just leave me alone.”  Heard’s rage escalated to physical attacks. When Roberts told the scene to Depp’s sister Christi, the latter urged her to intervene.

Robert saw Heard clawing, tugging, and aggressively pulling Depp. However, he just stood and told her to stop.

“I never saw Johnny hit Amber, or push her back, nor did he physically react to the attack,” Roberts said.

Roberts added that Heard would calm down and apologize. However, when Depp would say he needed to leave, Heard would start again. So, she eventually intervened.

Heard has a history of domestic violence

Earlier this year, an audio recording of Amber Heard admitting that she started their fight, and she hit Johnny Depp leaked. Also, she was arrested in 2009 after she assaulted her then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Heard was booked for “misdemeanor domestic violence” and spent a night in jail.

When she was dating Elon Musk, the latter was photographed with what appeared to be a black eye. Several netizens immediately accused Heard of causing the SpaceX CEO’s black eye due to her history of abuse.

How did Heard and Depp’s relationship start

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp dated in 2012 years after they met on the set of Rum Diary in 2009. They kept their relationship private and only publicized it when they appeared on the red carpet of the 7th Annual Heaven Gala in January 2014.

A few days later, their engagement made headlines. Heard and Depp got married in 2015 and divorced in 2016.

Depp’s friends disapproved of Heard for him, but he still married her anyway. According to Joe Richman, one of the Fantastic Beast actor’s pals,  Heard coerced and shamed Depp into marrying her. They felt that she was emotionally abusive to Depp.

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