Amber Heard could lunge Johnny Depp’s throat in court: rumor

Amber Heard could lunge Johnny Depp's throat in court: rumor

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were, allegedly, asked to stay away from each other in court.

According to OK! magazine, there were fears that Depp and Amber Heard would lunge at each other’s throats if they were close to each other.

“It’s not shocking that they were deliberately kept apart before the trial started. Their lawyers probably didn’t want them lunging for each other’s throats and fighting in the street,” an unnamed source said.

However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct. It is possible that Depp and Heard stayed away from each other because they were on opposing sides of the case.

Johnny Depp lawsuit

Depp filed a lawsuit against The Sun’s editor, Dan Wootton, and publisher, NGN after they accused him of being a wife-beater. The allegation was published shortly after Heard penned an op-ed piece for The Washington Post.

During his court hearing, Depp denied most of Heard’s accusations. But the actor admitted that he drank a lot and that he also did drugs.

Johnny Depp allegedly calls Amber Heard mean-spirited

Johnny Depp allegedly calls Amber Heard mean-spirited

The source told the tabloid Depp is trying to tell the world that Heard was mean-spirited that she wasn’t good for him.

“He lavished her with gifts, and she threw him under the bus. But Amber feels she’s the only victim here and that being married to Johnny was the lowest point of her life. She tried so hard to help him, in her view. She insists it was tough love,” the source said.

Johnny Depp will allegedly disappear after the hearing ends

The insider claimed that when the trial is over, Depp will disappear for a while. As for Amber Heard, the actress, allegedly, vowed to keep fighting for abused women and children.

“There’s no going back for them. There’s still a lot of pent-up anger and it could explode if one of them is provoked – which doesn’t take much for these two,” the source said.

Did Amber Heard lie about her ex-husband assaulting her?

Depp and Heard divorced in 2016 and the actress was the one that filed for the separation. Back then, Heard accused Depp of physically and emotionally abusing her.

The Aquaman actress released photos of herself with bruises on her face and said that they came from her ex-husband.

But on Depp’s employees appeared in court to debunk the actress’s claims. Isaac Baruch said that he saw Amber Heard days after the alleged assault incident. However, the actress’s face, reportedly, looked as normal and as natural as he had seen it before.

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