Amber Heard didn’t have bruises on her face after alleged assault incident

Amber Heard didn’t have bruises on her face after alleged assault incident

Amber Heard previously accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence. The actress released a photo of herself with bruises and swelling on her face following the alleged incident.

However, Depp’s friend, Isaac Baruch, appeared in court this week to debunk the claims made by Amber Heard. Baruch said that he saw the actress after the alleged assault incident and there weren’t any marks on her face.

“I literally was around 12 inches from her, inspecting her face, and I did not see a single mark or evidence of any marks, bruising, or swelling of any kind anywhere on her face. She also definitely didn’t seem to be wearing any make-up at this time of day that could cover any marks or swelling,” he said.

Amber Heard didn’t have any swelling, marks, bruises

Baruch also said that Heard’s face looked as natural and as normal as the other times that he saw her in those three years that they hung out.

“Again, I saw no marks of any kind on either side of her face There were no bruises, scratches, redness, dark spots, or swelling of any kind,” he said.

Elon Musk regularly visited Amber Heard while she was married to Johnny Depp

Concierge Alejandro Romero also claimed that Elon Musk visited Heard late at night while Depp wasn’t around. Romero, reportedly, saw Musk from March 2015 onwards between 11 p.m. to around midnight.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor previously accused Amber Heard of having an affair with Musk. However, the Tesla chief denied the allegations. Musk said that he and Heard started hanging out after the actress and Depp filed for divorce.

Did the actress cheat on Johnny Depp?

Did the actress cheat on Johnny Depp?

Heard filed for divorce from Depp in 2016. But based on Romero’s accounts, Musk started visiting the Aquaman actress a year before.

“For his initial visits, I would receive a call from Ms. Heard who would tell me to give Mr. Musk access to the garage for the building and then send him up to the penthouse. After he had made a few visits, Ms. Heard provided Mr. Musk with his own garage remote and a fob to Mr. Depp’s penthouse. I believe he visited Ms. Heard a few times a week and he would always visit when Mr. Depp was not at home,” Romero said.

Romero also said that he never saw bruises or marks on Heard’s face. But he confirmed that he saw Amber Heard a few days after the alleged assault incident with Depp.

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