Amber Heard gets special tribute from L’Oreal, fans to boycott brand


After L’Oreal Paris gave a special tribute for Amber Heard, fans threatened to boycott the brand. Johnny Depp’s ex-wife remains to be one of the cosmetic company’s faces despite the online petitions to have her fired.

When Johnny Depp faced the allegations made against him, he instantly lost his movie roles and other projects. However, after audio evidence emerged that Amber Heard physically hit her then-husband, she remains untouched.

A tribute that fans cannot believe

On Monday, L’Oréal Paris posted a photo of the 34-year-old actress for its #WomenMakeCinema series in partnership with the Cannes Film festival.

“Hollywood actress @AmberHeard highlights that a woman’s inner beauty is what we should value the most,” the caption read. “I would love to see women be able to be powerful, smart, opinioned, and taken seriously, even if they are beautiful.”

The company continued that it would love to see women “held to different standards” beside the “superficial ones” people used to hold. She joined the likes of other L’Oreal beauties, like Helen Mirren, Eva Longoria, and Jane Fonda.

As she seemed to be lined up with some of the greats, fans could not believe it.

The account’s followers quickly pointed out the support it gave to the so-called “abuser.” They even questioned their portrayal of her as an “empowering role model for women,” 5Why noted.

One fan said Amber Heard discredited the real abused females to earn millions of dollars. Some also questioned the brand’s link to empower women.

Some angry followers also made a call for others to boycott the use of L’Oreal. They may even stop using its affiliate brand, Maybelline, due to its support for the Aquaman star.

The controversial audio tapes

Recently revealed audiotapes unveiled Amber Heard admitted she was physically abusing Johnny Depp. Hence, a lot of fans urged L’Oreal to remove the model as its spokesperson, along with its ad campaigns.

Daily Mail, reportedly, obtained the audiotapes, which seemed to suggest that the Justice League star was not the victim of domestic violence, but her former husband. Here, she dared the 56-year-old actor to tell the world that she physically assaulted him. She also tried to mock him when she asked how many people would believe him.

According to MEAWW, Johnny Depp intentionally recorded their phone conversation after Amber Heard filed for divorce. She also applied for a restraining order against the alleged abusive Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Featured image used courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons/CC 

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