Amber Heard mimics Johnny Depp’s style, drastic changes happened almost overnight


Amber Heard changed her fashion when she started dating Johnny Depp, according to her formal personal assistant.

Amber Heard dressed differently before she started dating Johnny Depp. However, it didn’t take long when her PA noticed that she was following her ex-husband’s style.

Amber Heard copied Johnny Depp’s style

Amber Heard had a different taste in fashion years before she met Johnny Depp. However, when they started going out, she seemed to copy the way he dressed, according to Kate James.

James worked as Heard’s PA from March 2012 until February 2015. According to her deposition, when she first met Heard, her clothing style was “preppy” but it changed.

“When I first met Amber, her clothing style was what I would call preppy,” James recalled.

“Very soon afterwards that also drastically changed, almost overnight, as she tried to morph into a bohemian way of dressing, wearing more and more silver jewelry, eventually adding a repertoire of hats, which also appeared to me to be mimicking Johnny’s style.”


Heard also copied Depp’s home design

James also shared that she helped Amber Heard transformed her duplex apartment. The Aquaman star hired interior designer Laura Divenere to completely change the look and ambiance of her home.

James said that Heard transformed it into a bohemian vibe. She added that Laura worked for Heard for free in the hope of finding more clients. When James visited Depp’s home, she was shocked at the resemblance.

“I couldn’t believe how similar it was to what Amber was in the process of trying to create. It was almost identical,” she added.

Heard reportedly asked Laura to also purchase a typewriter when she realized that Depp owned one. James found Heard’s changes “bizarre.”

Heard was an abusive employer

James also shared how it was working with Heard. According to her, Heard was abusive. The actress would blame her for everything that went wrong.

When Heard missed a connecting flight around Christmas Day in 2012, the Justice League star called her and yelled at her for hours.

“She was screaming abuse at me for literally hours as though I had made it snow and caused the disruption to the flight,” she added.

Heard’s claims against Depp

Amber Heard accused of Johnny Depp of being abusive and violent. However, her exes dismissed her claims.

Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder both claimed that he was never abusive when he was with them.

Also, Heard made disparaging comments before he introduced Depp to James. According to the PA, she referred to him as an “old man.”

Heard also body-shamed Depp by calling him “fat” and “washed up.”

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