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Amber Heard mom dies amid Johnny Depp’s fake bloody nose allegations


Amber Heard just announced the death of her mom, Paige Heard last weekend.

On her Instagram account, Amber Heard shared a throwback photo of herself carried by her late mother.

“I am heartbroken and devastated beyond belief at the loss of my mom, Paige Heard. She left us too early, clasping onto the memory of her beautiful, gentle soul. She will be missed from the very depths of our hearts forever,” she captioned the photo.

As of late, the Aquaman star has not revealed that reason behind her mom’s untimely demise.

Every now and then, Heard posts photos of her mom on her Instagram account. In March, she paid tribute to Paige and her sister, Whit on International Women’s Day.

Paige Heard texts Johnny Depp

In December 2019, Paige made headlines after her touching text message to Johnny Depp was released shortly after Heard filed a domestic violence case against her ex-husband.

Paige told Depp that she loves him and she also called him “son.”

Heard’s mom also told Depp her daughter filed a restraining order against him because lawyers recommended it.

Did Amber Heard fake her bloody nose?

Last week, Depp’s friend, Josh Richman accused Heard of faking her bloody nose.

In the deposition obtained by The Blast, Richman claimed that Depp has a Kleenex covered in red nail polish from his ex-wife’s bloody nose.

Richman alleged that Amber Heard purposely faked her bloody nose by using her nail polish following an altercation with Depp. According to Richman, Depp’s marriage to Heard did not make most of his friends happy.

“The general view of his friends, which I shared although we hardly knew the full details then, was that Amber Heard emotionally abused and tormented Johnny, cut him away from his real friends, and was emotionally cruel to him. He always seemed to live in fear of how she would act if he ever tried to break up with her. His family, friends, and I always felt he succumbed to Amber’s demand that he marries her for this reason among others like it,” Richman said in his deposition.

However, it is important to note that the actor never served as a witness in Heard and Depp’s case.

Amber Heard and Depp are still fighting over the $50 million defamation case that the latter filed against his ex-wife.

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