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Amber Heard replaced by Emilia Clarke In Aquaman fan art


Amber Heard and Emilia Clarke are being compared in Aquaman 2 fan art, and some netizens prefer the latter.

Amber Heard became even more popular when she played the role of Mera on Aquaman. However, due to her legal battle with Johnny Depp, many want her out of the superhero movie.

Amber Heard should be dropped from Aquaman

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are embroiled in a legal battle. Initially, many backed Heard after she claimed that her ex-husband was violent and abusive.

However, earlier this year, Heard’s audio confession leaked. She admitted that she started their fight, and she hit Depp.

She even taunted the actor to tell the world that she hurt him and see how many would believe him.

Many felt sorry for Depp after hearing the audio recording. They want justice for Johnny Depp, who lost Pirates of the Caribbean by asking Warner Bros. to drop Heard from Aquaman.

Emilia Clarke should replace Amber Heard

Amid the call to drop Heard, fans also suggested actresses who could potentially replace her. One of them is Emilia Clarke.

“If Amber Heard gets recast in Aquaman 2 (which she should be) I would like to see Emilia Clarke get the role. She and Jason are so close, they have great chemistry, and she’s an amazing actor,” @Garrick_KI suggested.

One fan shared a fan art for Aquaman 2 on Instagram, comparing the two actresses to show Clarke’s potential as Heard’s replacement. Several netizens approved the Game of Thrones actress.

One follower commented that she loved Clarke, and the latter was better than the former. She hoped Clarke would officially replace Heard.

Another added that Clarke would be perfect for the role.

Meanwhile, others still prefer Heard for the role. One netizen said she loved both, but Heard looked better as Mera. Thus, she suggested to just set aside Heard’s personal affair from her profession as an actress.

Amber’s potential replacement

Aside from Emilia Clarke, there were two other actresses whom fans want to be Mera in Aquaman. One suggested Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson while another nominated Deborah Ann Woll.

“Petition to recast Amber Heard as ‘Mera’ in “Aquaman”, abusers have no place in the film industry! So who will be the fittest substitution of Amber Heard to portray Queen Mera in Aquaman 2? Maybe,Dakota Johnson would be a great choice to replace her.She’s hot but quite shy HAHAH.,” @ibcig wrote on Twitter.

“So since Amber Heard will lose her role as Mera, because she ought to be in jail, not in front of a camera, I nominate Deborah Ann Woll for the role. #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser #justiceforjohnnydepp #fireamberheard,” @aceinherplace added.

Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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