Amber Heard snubbed: J.K Rowling supports ex Johnny Depp


Amber Heard didn’t get the support of female author J.K. Rowling from her abuse claims against her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard alleged that Johnny Depp was abusive and violent when they were together. Most women sympathized with her, but the Harry Potter author wasn’t convinced with her claims.

Amber Heard vs. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling snubbed Amber Heard’s allegations against Johnny Depp when she decided to cast the latter for her film Fantastic Beasts.

However, it wasn’t a safe and easy move for the author. In fact, she received an intense backlash and criticism for supporting Depp.

Several even campaigned to cancel Rowling and not support her books and movies. However, the author was stern in her decision to include Depp in her movie.

In fact, Rowling said she was “genuinely happy” to cast Depp.


Rowling praised for standing for Johnny Depp

Earlier this year, an audio recording of Amber Heard confessing that she started her fight with Johnny Depp, and she hit him leaked. The recording changed the narrative of their separation.

Many started to see Depp as the real victim and Heard as the abuser. Several accused the Aquaman star of lying and manipulating Depp.

There was an uproar following Heard’s confession. A number of netizens started to side with Depp. They want justice for Depp because he lost so many projects due to Heard’s accusations.

For instance, Disney dropped Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Meanwhile, they want Warner Bros. to drop Heard from Aquaman.

Amid the noise, several praised Rowling for choosing to support the real victim from the start.

“Disney should have done their homework like JK Rowling did! Now they want to get out of paying him as the lead! In spite of him making them 4.5 BILL as of March 2019,” one wrote.

Another netizen complimented Rowling for choosing what was right, even if it was not easy. A different online user said that Rowling wouldn’t cast Depp if Heard’s allegations were true because she has the best interest of women at heart.

Johnny Depp explained Rowling’s decision

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Johnny Depp said he felt bad for the criticisms Rowling received. However, according to him, the fact remains that he is falsely accused, and J.K. Rowling knows it.

“J.K. has seen the evidence and therefore knows I was falsely accused, and that’s why she has publicly supported me. She doesn’t take things lightly. She would not stand up if she didn’t know the truth. So that’s really it,” Depp explained.

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