Amber Heard wears facemask after receiving backlash from Twitter

Amber Heard responds to outfit criticism during mosque visit report, Twitter fires back

Amber Heard may have listened to her critics because she shared a photo of her wearing facemask after being slammed for not wearing one.

Amber Heard has been criticized on Twitter after wearing inappropriate clothing during her visit to mosques in Istanbul. Aside from her outfit, several slammed the Aquaman star for not wearing a facemask.

Amber Heard slammed for not wearing a mask

Amber Heard responded to a report about her outfit when she visited the mosques in Istanbul. The actress stressed that she was wearing a headscarf during the visit.

However, it seemed that the netizens were not done with her because after addressing her outfit, they reprimanded her for not wearing a mask, The Blast reported.

“Nevermind the scarf and being bra-less, showing your neckline. What about your MASK? Each IG vid you carry it like an accessory while everyone else including your gf is wearing theirs. Are you worried no-one will recognize you?” one wrote.

Amber wears a facemask

Amber Heard seemed to have listened to her critics because she shared a photo of her wearing a facemask on Instagram.

Heard’s photo wearing a facemask was taken inside the Hagia Sophia. The other tourists behind her are noticeably wearing facemasks too.

“You could stare for years at the inside of Hagia Sophia and never get bored…. or less amazed. What a stunning place (as of a few weeks ago, no longer a museum). I feel lucky I could see part of it still,” Heard wrote in the caption.

Heard criticize for inappropriate clothing

Amber Heard was trending on Twitter over the weekend for her outfit while visiting the mosques in Istanbul. Many were offended by her dress and criticized her on Twitter because she didn’t wear the hijab properly.

She also went braless during the visit. Moreover, she shared a photograph seemingly laughing while a man was praying behind her, which many found offensive.

“Amber Heard has no respect for religion or race as we’ve seen many times. Posted while touring a Mosque. Using a Hijab as a fashion accessory. Hair & neck showing and braless. She posted this before and took it down immediately but has now reposted,” one wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, another said Heard’s outfit was fine because one only needs to be moderately covered to enter mosques. However, the Twitter user disapproved of Heard not wearing a bra during the visit.

“Wearing a loose shawl is fine, a t-shirt is fine, pants are fine. But at least. Wear. A Bra,” the netizen wrote.

Other online users defended Heard because they didn’t see any issue with her clothing. Meanwhile, another online user recognized her effort to at least cover her hair.

“I am muslim and dont see bad thing there sometimes people just wanna hate,” one commented.

“I support Depp but see Amber was complying at least with headscarf,” another added.

Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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