AMD 4700G rumored features will have 8 cores and faster clock speeds

A new member of the Ryzen Mobile processor is coming and it is the AMD 4700G. Rumors claim it will have eight cores and faster clock speed.

The first members of the Ryzen Mobile processor came earlier this year to a lot of fanfare. Now, a new member is coming in the form of the AMD 4700G. AMD has yet to confirm the specs, but word around the community is that it will have eight cores.

AMD 4700G under the hood

It is more or less a certainty that the upcoming AMD 4700G will have eight cores and 16 threads. This is an extremely powerful piece of hardware, even for an APU. While previous AMD APUs did not fare well in the market, the Ryzen technology really has aged well.

In terms of clock speed, the new processor from AMD will have a fairly decent improvement. The chip is expected to have a base clock of 3.6GHz, and a boost clock of 4.45GHz. It will also sport at least 4MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache.

APU’s are for their integrated graphics, a feature that makes them a common choice for budget gamers. The AMD 4700G has a maximum GPU clock speed of 2.1GHz. On the other hand, the exact amount of vRAM is still unknown. All these features are neatly packed into a processor with only a 65W TDP.

Rumors claim that the AMD 4700G will sport an 8-CU Vega graphics chipset. If this is true, the processor will surely be a great upgrade for AMD’s current line of APUs. Although it is important to note that APUs rely most of its graphics power on RAM speed.

A noteworthy Intel challenger

Lately, both AMD and Intel have adopted different strategies when it comes to onboard graphics. On one hand, AMD shifts its focus towards its Ryzen lineup and their occasional APU variants. On the other hand, Intel decided to go all out and embed almost all of its processors with onboard graphics.

Despite this, AMD is still widely hailed as the master of onboard graphics. Now, the chipmaker is taking that title and embed it with its Ryzen magic. The Ryzen lineup has been the sole product that helps tip the balance towards AMD’s favor.

Whether the AMD 4700G will be a hit or miss is still up for debate. For one, AMD has yet to confirm its existence. Perhaps the most important question now is, how much will it cost?

Image courtesy of Christian Wiediger/Shutterstock

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