AMD Big Navi graphics cards may hit shelves in November

Recent reports claim that the highly anticipated AMD Big Navi series of graphics cards are expected to hit the market in November.

If this is true, the AMD Big Navi graphics cards may launch alongside Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The two console giants are slated for a holiday launch this year, making it a great year for console gamers. On the other hand, AMD wants the PC market to challenge this release with its new line of graphics cards.

The Nvidia killer

People with insider information about these new graphics cards dub it as the Nvidia killer. The graphics card is expected to run using the new RDNA 2 architecture from AMD. The graphics card is expected to topple Nvidia as the market leader in high-end graphics cards.

In a recent video, AMD CEO Lisa Su said that the Big Navi series would hit the market later this year. However, industry insiders said that AMD is planning to release it in November, roughly around Thanksgiving.

A November release for AMD will make sense, looking at the current release schedule of Nvidia. Nvidia is expected to release its new RTX 3000 Ampere series of graphics cards in September.

This should give AMD lots of time to capitalize on its ‘Nvidia Killer’ marketing campaign. By launching later, AMD can essentially tweak its pricing, depending on how the Ampere graphics cards will perform.

There are also rumors that the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft will use Big Navi GPUs. If this is true, launching the graphics cards alongside the consoles will make sense. This will be a great way for AMD to stretch its marketing muscle in a bid to topple Nvidia.

November launch will make a difference

A November launch will set AMD just in time for the holiday season. This is the time when most tech companies are releasing their flagship devices. The holiday season also equates to sales season, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, culminating in Christmas.

AMD kept its release date highly secret. Nevertheless, tech insiders are still sharing information and rumors about what to expect. As such, the Big Navi release has been shrouded in mystery, something that has helped it gain attention.

Based on previous rumors, the Big Navi GPU does have the specs to at least match the new RTX Ampere. However, not much is known about the two series of graphics cards. Nevertheless, tech experts are sure that they will be as powerful as promised.

Image courtesy of Zii Miller/Unsplash

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