AMD Ryzen 5000 packs massive efficiency upgrade

AMD Ryzen 5000 packs massive efficiency upgrade

A new leak suggests that the upcoming AMD Ryzen 5000 APU packs massive improvements when it comes to efficiency.

The Ryzen 5000 series is AMD’s newest line of APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. This particular type of processor combines the central processing unit and graphics processing unit into single hardware. For this particular reason, APUs are especially popular in budget builds like entry gaming and non-intensive workloads.

New AMD leak

The leak comes from notable tech insider Patrick Schur who posted it on Twitter. According to the tipster, the new APU lineup will bear the name Van Gogh. In terms of application, the APU is designed for low-powered hardware like laptops and notebook computers.

Rumors about the existence of the Van Gogh lineup have been floating in the tech community since early summer. Subsequent leaks have provided very little details about the specs of the new APU lineup.

Rumors have hinted that the new APU will use the AMD Zen 2 architecture. The new lineup is also well-optimized for power efficiency. This is why the hardware is expected to be used by notebook computers since they are notorious for battery life.

Considering the new Zen 2 architecture, the Van Gogh lineup will mostly have a Navi graphics core. Recent rumors also suggest support for the new LPDDR5 memory. This supports the notion of power efficiency since LPDDR5 is more efficient compared to its predecessor.

In terms of power efficiency, the new Ryzen 5000 lineup is expected to be rated between 7.5 to 18 watts. In contrast, its predecessor, the Ryzen 4000 lineup, has a TDP between 10 to 25 watts.

This extremely low TDP will make the new APU appealing to notebook manufacturers. On top of that, the AMD Zen architecture is well-praised for its fast compute powers.

Release date

AMD has been ramping up its arsenal of hardware as it steps up the competition against rival Intel. The two chipmakers have been trading blows since last year. However, AMD appears to have the upper hand considering the popularity of its Zen lineup.

It is important to note that AMD has yet to confirm the release date of the Ryzen 5000 lineup. The new APU lineup is expected to debut alongside its desktop counterpart called the Cezanne.

AMD announced these two new lineups in July. Considering the current timeline, they should be able to hit the market before the year ends or early next year. Until then, the community relies mostly on rumors and leaks for information regarding the AMD Ryzen 5000.

Featured image courtesy of Zii Miller/Unsplash

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