AMD vs Nvidia: Who’s the best GPU developer in terms of performance? 

The competition is high for both AMD and Nvidia. Both of these GPU legends are aiming to release new features to surpass one another.

For the most part, these graphic cards are constantly battling the road to perfection. For AMD and Nvidia, performance and quality is a must. Performance, durability, power consumption, and efficiency are among the features that are weighed to choose the best GPU device.

History of AMD and Nvidia

Arguments are heated among the gaming community owing to the eternal battle between the two dominant GPU manufacturers, Nvidia and AMD. When it comes to price, AMD is way better because of its budget and mid-range cards. Nvidia, on the other hand, is more onto high-end graphics cards with hefty monetary values.

The flame wars for these two graphic makers began in the late ’90s. At that time, AMD’s current GPU division boasted the ATI brand. Also, when it comes to market presence, AMD’s roots could be traced in the 50s, with May 1, 1959, as its founding date.

However, even though Nvidia is not as old as AMD, the plucky young tech company turned into a king of the graphics industry. The innovations integrated by Nvidia made it one of the highly acclaimed GPU provider in the world today.

AMD vs. Nvidia when it comes to performance

Despite the differences in market presence, both companies have lingered long enough to maintain their fair share of the market. In terms of performance, gamers know full well that faster GPUs are more ideal.

That being said, Nvidia has a clear overall lead. It dominated the top slots while AMD followed in the sixth place with its Radeon VII and RX 5700 XT. However, as the price goes up, AMD gets competitive. The $350 mark AMD GPUs are generally faster and costs less.

One setback is the usage of more power and lacks support for ray tracing. Another notch to consider, for the RX 5600 XT vs. RTX 2060, the competition results in a straight-up tie. But, Nvidia still wins owing to its features. Another factor to consider is the performance since the other metrics pretty tied up. 

On a side note, with the world battling the coronavirus crisis, these two tech giants are finding ways to contribute. For one, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, AMD aims to ensure the public that it values its workforce and community. According to the company,

“AMD is dedicated to protecting our workforce, serving our customers, and supporting our global community.”

As for Nvidia, it uses its technology to help the global crisis. Based on one of the tweets,

Researchers at @sdsc_ucsd are analyzing the human microbiome to answer fundamental #COVID19 questions, leveraging NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate their work by 500X.

It appears that there is a wide berth of difference between the two GPUs. However, it is up to the gamers to determine whether AMD or Nvidia is better.

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