Among Us: All new features Innersloth has planned

Despite being a few years old, Among Us became a smash hit on mobile phones. The developers had plans to develop a sequel, but they have since changed their goals to a more sustainable one.

Among Us is a fun game, but it’s not without its issues. Aside from a host of connectivity and content concerns, the game just feels awkward through and through. Developer Innersloth announced plans for a sequel, but they have retracted this statement in a blog post.

In the blog post, the developers said that all of their planned assets for the sequel would be put into the first game instead. While this may seem like an easy task, the developer admits that it is much harder as they have to dig deeper into the game.

Here’s what’s to come to the game.

Color blind support

In the game, avatars are mostly differentiated by color or via the outfit they were. This makes the game hard to access to those who have trouble seeing colors. As per Innersloth, they are working on adding color blind support to the game. Games like The Last of Us and Overwatch have these accessibility features already.

It’s good that Innersloth is opening Among Us to other communities as well.

Accounts system

There isn’t any form of accounts or progression system in the game. Instead, players can simply change their avatars and names. When playing with others, they’ll have to share a room code with them.

With an accounts/friends system, players will be able to get in matches with their friends easily. Moreover, they’ll be notified when their friends are online.

New maps

Innersloth is also hoping to add a new map to the game soon. They’ve yet to reveal what’s new in the coming map, but they said that they are working hard on it already. They also hint that the map will be Henry Stickman themed.


Up until now, the game still has poor servers. Players are having a tough time getting into games. Some are even kicked out of the game without notice. Hopefully, the developers get to fixing the servers soon as it’s ruining the experience. The good news is that this is one of the focus of Innersloth currently.

Among Us is a smash-hit and fans are hoping that more improvements will be made. We’ll definitely be hearing more from the developers within the coming weeks.

Image used courtesy of Innersloth/YouTube

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