‘Among Us’ Beta removes problem with the imposter rule in the game

Being an imposter in Among Us can be a hard play. All crewmates will suddenly start suspecting other players and vote someone out before winning.

However, the new role update eliminates the two demanding tasks that every imposter can face in the game.

The developers talked about having a handful of changes in the Among Us Beta while playing as the imposter. Works are on, and the makers are drawing content from Among Us Two.

Moreover, the developers have already covered what will be new in the Among Us Beta, solely focusing on imposters.

The task is already divided among the team, and the Beta version will have more modifications.

As the developers said, “We are trying to connect and provide a good experience for those imposters in the game. Our sole intent is to understand and work on the ideas which the fans are providing to us so that they can win as the imposter.”

What New Lies For Imposters?

Among Us puts six to ten gamers aboard a spaceship where the “crewmates” are tasked with identifying who among them are the “imposters.”

If the crewmates cannot quickly identify the imposters, then the imposters would have a chance to eliminate all of them.

Until a recreation is played with three imposters, it is far typically skewed in choosing the crewmates who can also complete a hard and fast of pre-determined duties to restore the deliver and win the sport.

Among Us Beta will help the imposters win in two chances:

The taskbar tracking will be eliminated. It has been a significant solution for crewmates to understand who are left to do their task to win.

On the other hand, the imposters are given another good go on this. The possibility of anonymous voting will be a chance in the new Beta version since crewmates can vote for anyone based on their past aggression.

How Can Anonymous Voting Help Imposters To Win?

Turning on nameless balloting will allow imposters piggyback off baseless accusations without being in danger of raising suspicions about themselves.

It is an excellent way to make it simpler for imposters to attain kills in meetings, which puts pressure on them to orchestrate the best crime every spherical.

Meanwhile, the game’s new rule is to provide a “hush” on the crewmates and whom they are trying to vote to help everyone and even the imposter to win the round.

However, these changes are just for PC gaming for now.

Images courtesy of Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer/YouTube Screenshot

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