‘Among Us’ but with 100 players? How cool is this mod?

Among Us has a cool mod where there can be 100 players. But playing with 100 players is a fun thing, or is it just a crowded affair?

Over the last few months, Among Us has proven to be exciting gameplay among players.

With the new mods being unfolded every day, now players can have 100 people in the same game and a fun match.

This fan-invented mod is a delight

Fans of Among Us have introduced a ton of mods, and this falls as one.

Players are always coming up with new mods every now and then, such as Hide and Seek or even Dead by Daylight.

The new mod helps the gamers to have 100 players in the lobby. But before jumping into the game, players should know what is going on.

So for the 100 players mode, players have to reinstall the original game. They cannot play the 100 players mode in the same game.

Once the new mod is installed, players are free to create a 100-players game or join one. Since it is 100 players, the wait time is nearly longer than the usual matches.

Pros and cons of having 100 players

As social gameplay, Among Us has an entertaining and energetic atmosphere to it.

If other players want to chat with one another and have a crowded yet fun gaming session, then 100 players is a must. Other than that, the con is the mod is overly confusing and, yes, crowded.

The overcrowding can cause the graphics to reboot and jumpy as well. Also, it is hard to find the imposter if there are 100 players in the lobby.

Crowded or not, the 100 players game is a must-have fun for all gamers. It is designed for a large number of players, all on a single map.

Is it more like a war?

Yes, the 100 players mod will look like a mini-war on a tiny spaceship.

The advantage is the imposter count; if it remains at 10, the game can proceed with no hurdles. If the imposter count is one, then it will be an overwhelming match.

Crewmates can move in groups and complete tasks before the imposter kills. The 100 players game will feel more like a battle royale simulator other than a murder mystery being played out.

And P.S: The chat option for the 100 players is crowded!


Image courtesy of The Pixel Kingdom/YouTube Screenshot

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