‘Among Us’ creates hide and seek mode for players

The new Among Us community creates a hide and seek mode for players, developing an alternate gaming mode to add more fun.

Among Us has ruled out to be the highest-grossing game of the year with the custom rules and variations. The new community has dabbed with the game and created a model with alternate twitches to help players hide and seek their regular teammates.

Let Us Know What The Hide and Seek is All About

First, to play hide and seek, you will surely need a cooperative playgroup, as the game style can not be enforced via the principles of the sport. If you should try to play Hide and Seek in a public lobby, a few players may not consent to go along with this, which may ultimately ruin the experience.

Thus, we have listed some of the precepts on playing and setting the in-game rules detailed at the bottom.

Here are the rules you should know before starting:

  • There will be an immediate meeting in the game at the start to find out who the imposter is.
  • After the reveal is made, players will be asked to skip the votes to continue the game.
  • As the game starts, the crewmates have to go, run, and hide. The imposter will be asked to find them and kill.
  • Crewmates have to finish all their tasks before the imposter can find and kill them.

Second, for the Among UsHide and Seek mode to work, there has to be one imposter, and they will have to announce that they are the imposter from the start. 

This way of sorting the impostor is most readily done on a voice chat just like Discord, but can also be carried out by merely calling an emergency meeting at the beginning of the game to create the announcement.

How to win as the imposter in the game?

If you are the imposter in the game, you will have to kill all teammates to win. It depends on how good your skills are and how well you can sabotage everyone so that they don’t get to complete their tasks on time, and you can kill them easily as you want.

Moreover, Among Us is looking forward to various new updates as the developers want to create a seamless experience for the players. Besides, the developers have shared that the changes are currently in development right now.

Image courtesy of DANIEL CONSTANTE/Shutterstock

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