‘Among Us’: developers release ladder video of the new map

The Among UsΒ new airship ladder has been tweeted by the official team, but the players have their own set of questions to be answered.

The developers’ team at Among Us have tweeted a new picture of the airship map ladder. Many players are excited about how the new map will turn out.

A new map and what the team is going to include

In the early weeks of December, the team at Among Us tweeted saying that they are working on a new map dubbed “Airship.”

The map, as stated by the team, will consist of a ton of new features. The team recently tweeted about adding a new ladder, and players are wondering how it will go in the new map.

The inclusion of the ladder is the most notable feature of the game. Less than an hour while the tweet resurfaced, many Among Us players find better means of how the new map would be.

In less than an hour of the first look of the ladder was posted, the team was delighted with strong support from the community.

The tweet received a total of about 12,000 likes, 125 comments & 100 retweets. Thanks to the internet, there have been hilarious reactions as well.

New questions are surfacing regarding the new feature

Many players are having various questions regarding including the addition of the new ladder as well.

Many people have asked, “Would it be possible for anyone to kill while climbing the ladder?” Or questions such as, “Is it possible for the imposter to be presented on the top of the ladder and then kill the crewmate?”

Others have asked that “Would the body slide down the ladder as well?” Imagine having to climb the ladder and then watching a body slide down right at you!

“Can you push someone from the ladder? Can the character be able to hold onto the ladder and then grab it while not falling?”

Fans have not received any answers regarding the questions asked as we all have to wait and find out how the game goes.

The new map will be released soon

The Airship map for Among Us is said to be released by early 2021. This could mean that players have to wait till January or the end of March to find out how the gameplay goes.

The new map will have a lot of free choices for players.


Image courtesy of BLADEHUNTER7/YouTube Screenshot

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