‘Among Us’ fan animation imagines the game in full PS1 glory

Among Us animation video snapshot

An avid Among Us fan created a video depicting how the game would’ve looked like if it’s a PS1 horror game.

InnerSloth’s brainchild has recently risen to popularity thanks to streamers who took interest in the game’s unique multiple mechanics. The game alone is enough to propel the game to heights. But its growing reputation sees a different channel for further growth. Which, with a little bit of Googling, should give tons of contents on video animations, based on the franchise.

3D Animation

However, adding to this interest is yet another animation, though not the kind usually found on a similar search. Using aesthetics that are clearly reminiscent of the original PlayStation days, a one-man project by a user named Wooden Turtle was developed. The slightly more than 6-minute video features an Among Us animation with classic visuals from the 32-bit era.

Akin to a PS1 game, the short video starts off with a comprehensive boot of the seminal PlayStation logo. This gives a false impression that the video is indeed a PS1 title. It is then followed by a flashy animation which introduces the creator behind the flick via its own logo. All the while not neglecting to credit the game’s developer, InnerSloth, to offset copyright issues in the process.

PlayStation-like Imagery

The visual flair alone is enough to convince anyone of the moving picture’s attempt at a PS1 game vibe. But it complements the notion further with a user-interface that makes the illusion all the more compelling. In this instance, a menu that seemingly shows options to either start a new game, continue on a progress or configure the options.

Choosing to start a new game, the film subsequently shifts to a make-believe map selection screen. The map options themselves generate ideas for various settings in which the “game” takes place. Of particular interest is the Skeld Research Vessel, which brings a scenario coming from space.

A Familiar Concept

Fans of Among Us, however, would already know what to expect from the outset. With finding a killer in the midst as the overarching theme, it premises on the killing of passengers aboard the craft. But, this time, with a surprising sci-fi twist, involving dead bodies, some survivors, and a masquerading homicidal alien. Consequently, making for a truly riveting backdrop that inevitably gives comparison to horror titles that take place in the beyond, like Dead Space.

Image used courtesy of Wooden Turtle/YouTube Screenshot

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