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‘Among Us’ makers revealed why new updates are taking a while


Among Us is an online multiplayer game. It facilitates multiplayer gaming in which you can have your friends and family members as well.

The main motive of Among Us game is to deduce which of the players are imposters and crewmates. Thus, it is a social deduction game.

The game was initially launched on iOS and Android in 2018. By November 2018, it was compatible with Windows as well.

Among Us is a game that is a significant hit in the world for its fascinating gaming experience. The game saw a tremendous surge in the number of players last year by over half a billion.

The game has been in constant news for its enthralling experience and a mind-boggling curiosity. Because of such an exceptional surge in the number of users, the game provides some significant updates.

What changes will you observe with the new updates?

Now the game will have an updated airship map and a new account system. The popularization of this game made the company bring such useful updates. This will surely get enhancement in the number of users.

In a post by InnerSloth, the game makers of Among Us, discussed why the update takes time to release. The makers are pleased with the surge in the number of users last year.

The popularity and captivating gaming experience are making the game more popular amongst gamers.

The updates will take some time to release in the market. But as soon as the updates get into effect, the game developers are expecting an exceptional surge again.

Is it a challenge?

The company claims that they weren’t ready for the significant in the number of users.

Though they were expecting it later, by 2020, it was something significant award for them. Just because of this substantial exceptional hike, the company declares it has now many players in their servers.

This has brought a sense of creating something more in the game, as reported by the makers. InnerSloth is a company that has only four members.

The lack of members makes it a bit hard for them to work in less time. They took two months to reconstruct, partner with their external firms, figure out the primary process and work for it.

“It’s all behind-the-scenes work, and while it meant time away from the game, it’ll make it easier for current and future us to develop the game better,” InnerSloth said.

The game was introduced on Nintendo Switch in December. Among Us is exploring various platforms. Now, in 2021 it will be presented in Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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