‘Among Us’ October beta update makes interesting gameplay changes

'Among Us' October beta update makes interesting gameplay changes

Innersloth just released its October beta update for Among Us. The in-demand social deduction game will become more mysterious, especially its investigations.

Among Us is still a gaming craze and Innersloth is making sure it will keep its avid players entertained. The game was released in 2018 but just became a big hit lately. There is a lot to be worked on, which the devs recognize.

Therefore, players should expect important changes in the near future. Innersloth previously decided to improve the current game, instead of working on a game sequel.

In fact, changes are now becoming more apparent, most especially during the October beta update on Steam.

Among Us gameplay changes

Reports confirm that the beta version of the game on Steam has recently rolled out new changes. There are no official patch notes seen, but the changes were so apparent that players noticed them at once.

The first updated change is the Anonymous Votes. Players can now enjoy anonymity when voting possible imposters out during Emergency Meetings. This actually adds on to the thrill and avoid personal actual conflicts among friends.

Sometimes, not believing a friend and/or voting a friend out can cause a bit of drama. The anonymity protects actual friendships outside the game. This also adds a ton of mystery to the game.

Second, Innersloth puts in options for the Task Bar display. There are now three options in the setting:

  • “Always” – This is a default setting, wherein the Task Bar is available for viewing at any point during the game
  •  “Meetings” – This only allows the Task Bar to show up during Emergency Meetings. This option actually adds quite the spice in-game.
  • “Never” – This option is a bit intense and an all-out mystery tactic. Players now have to guess, what the tasks are. This option actually plays in the interest of the Impostor, who lies about doing any task.

The last observed change update is the availability of the Colorblind Support. Players who are colorblind will find it easier to the Wires task. Instead of matching the colors, each wire can now correspond to a certain shape.

How to access beta update

The aforementioned updates are, unfortunately, just made available on PC via Steam. To access the beta update, players will need to head on the Among Us Steam listing and right-click it.

Select Properties and click on the Betas tab. This will lead players to a drop-down menu, wherein they would need to select public-beta. After that, the beta update will subsequently download.

For the iOS and Android ports, players will need to wait for the update to be officially released.


Featured image courtesy of Innersloth

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